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Your Own Internet Launch Pad Will Save Time and Earn Money

Getting to all the Internet sites you enjoy visiting can often seem like a waste of time. What if you could simply turn on your computer, and every resource you need suddenly appeared at your fingertips? That's what happens every time when you use an Internet launch pad service. Internet launch pads are sites just like any other, except your custom launch site acts as a doorway to all your favorite sites.

How Does It Work?

Internet launch pads are designed to be easy to customize, so you can set up your site in no time by filling in your information and adding links to your favorite sites. You don't have to understand Web page design, special coding, or anything complicated. If you can fill in forms and use a basic publishing program, you'll be able to customize your launch site with complete ease. Some launch sites such as Blastoff Network, enable you to choose from a selection of layouts and themes, and even add photos to get the look and feel you want.

Launch sites usually already have some of the most popular sites on the Web built in to save setup time. These include popular news and sports sites, weather sites, music CDs and video resources, blogs, etc. From your launch site, you can save time by doing all your usual tasks from one page, such as checking e-mail, visiting social networks, shopping, keeping tabs on your favorite sports team, and more.

Shopping Online Made Easy....and Even Profitable!

Internet launch pads may also enable you to earn money by using your launch site to visit online stores of your choice. Some services such as Blastoff Network offer a cash back incentive when you visit stores from your launch page and make a purchase. You can also enjoy added savings at select stores through special offers. And be sure to tell your friends about your launch page too. When your friends visit your launch site and shop, you'll earn cash back on their purchases while passing the savings on to them. Cash back bonuses will add up in a hurry when shopping for personal items or gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can really rack up the bucks if you opt to do all your holiday shopping online through your launch site. Imagine receiving $50 to $100 cash back just for using your own site to shop!

The great thing about Internet launch pads is they cost nothing to set up and will save lots of time daily as you go about your online routine. You won't have to worry with typing in your favorite sites every time you need to visit a site. Your friends can find you in a hurry when needed, and you can save your important login pages in one convenient location. Whether you frequently e-mail friends, family or business associates, launch pads provide quick access to it all. You'll be surprised at how much time and energy will be saved with this all-in-one tool!

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