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Something for Everyone: 10 Uses for Pole Barn Kits

America has iconic images - things that, at a glance, shout "U.S.A." Pole barns are perhaps less iconic, but no less quintessentially American, than things like apple pie, Uncle Sam ... and McDonalds! Visiting other countries around the world, one of the constant and stark differences you'll notice in the countryside is the complete absence of pole barns ... and that often leaves you pining for the smell of hay, the quiet and feeling of peace, or the company of animals you might have had as a kid. Our lives might have changed radically, but that certainly doesn't mean that you have to do without the joys of pole barns kits for the rest of your life. Today, we check out the top 10 uses for pole barn kits that you might not have considered.

1. A carport
If you live in a fairly secure location, a pole barn kits can make for a quick, easy to erect and solid carport.

2. Your home!
Pole barns can have up to a 50-foot sidewall ... most of us would agree that measurement allows you plenty of living space! Pole barn kits can make for compact sleepouts or full sized houses that are just as seamlessly designed, well insulated and comfortable as any standard house. The major difference is that they are faster and cheaper to put up.

3. Boat storage
Boats are hardy little structures that don't mind a bit of outdoor living! Buy any of the most basic pole barns kits, even those without doors, and they'll make a fabulous boat storage option.

4. Workshops or garages
In most homes, the workshop and garage are one and the same - pole buildings are equally well suited to either purpose.

5. Stores
Barn building kits make especially suitable storefronts for front-of-farm sales direct to the public, but with insulation and ordinary interior decoration they make for retail stores indistinguishable from a standard building.

6. Animal barns
This normal use for pole barn packages is as relevant today as it ever was ... ventilation along with shelter!

7. Bulk storage
Stored items usually require either careful insulation and climate control, or shelter along with some natural ventilation ... which is the cheaper option. Your pole barn package is ideal for bulk storage of many materials, both organic and inorganic.

8. Self-storage buildings
Most self-erection pole barn kits have the poles spaced at just the perfect interval to create ideally sized self-storage spaces.

9. Riding arenas
We've mentioned that pole barns kits can have up to 50-foot sidewalls ... and with all that height comes a lot of covered space! Riding schools and competition venues usually have pole barn space available in the event of poor weather. If the horses are housed in another pole barn, they'll be comfortable with the environment and better behaved, also.

10. Manufacturing facilities and warehouses
There's not much point creating a pristinely designed and fully insulated building for rough and ready jobs like manufacturing and warehousing. Pole barns kits look great, are cheap to purchase and erect, and do the job perfectly!

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