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Three Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Pole Barn Kits

If you're looking to save time and money in construction, pole barn kits have emerged as a great way to build not only barns but also riding arenas, garages, storage buildings, and even homes. Given the simple functional design and ease of construction, such kits provide a great option for those who take pride in creating something both useful and attractive at an economical price.

Using a little foresight goes a long way into making this do-it-yourself project a satisfying success instead of a money-draining nightmare. Before you get out your credit card, there are three questions you need to ask in order to avoid unpleasant surprises down the road.

1. What Design Best Suits My Needs?

Pole barn buildings began as the tried and true common barn and have evolved into an amazing array of custom designs with wings, cupolas, gables, special doors and windows, etc. Size, materials, and architectural details range as widely as the uses. The simplest pole barns have roofs with no side walls, sufficient to keep a tractor out of the rain. Many choose galvanized steel walls for additional protection, though wood and even hay bales can be used, especially by those looking for rustic charm or ecological sensibility.

Of course as you go larger or fancier, the cost goes up as well. Thus it makes sense to have your objective in mind. For example, will you need door widths that allow a tractor or a horse with rider to pass through? Or is this going to be your home, for which you might increase the roof pitch, add more eave overhang, and choose a decorator color? Make sure that your design complies with any and all existing building codes for the use that it will have.

2. Where Can I Get a Quality Kit and Materials?

The result is only as good as the design, labor, and materials that go into constructing it. Buy your pole barn kit only from a reputable dealer. How long have they been in business? Are they registered with the Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce? Unless you can verify the validity, do not put your faith in website testimonials.

Many suppliers offer the option of buying the plans with or without the lumber and other materials. No matter who supplies your materials, check the quality of the lumber, trusses, fasteners, siding, doors, windows, and any custom materials. These materials should meet all building codes, and where relevant, have warranties. Ask about the manufacturer guarantee as well: know what it does and does not include. You get what you pay for, so be suspicious of any bargain prices that may turn out to include salvaged materials.

3. How Can I Guarantee the Price and Delivery?

When you place your order, how much do you pay when you sign? Do you pay the balance before or upon delivery? Is delivery included? How much lead time is there before your order is shipped? Can the manufacturer guarantee on-time delivery? When will custom materials be delivered? You don't want to waste your time-nor that of the carpenter you may have hired to help you! Get any charges for custom work in writing before proceeding.

What are you paying for? Depending on your level of skill, you may need to hire someone to prepare the site, set the poles and trusses, do carpentry work, and install electricity. It pays to shop around for these additional services before you choose your pole barn kit supplier, either by individually contracting for them yourself or paying the manufacturer to do some or all of these tasks. If you are doing it yourself, make sure you understand the detailed instruction manual.

Your pole barn kit experience should be a positive one that gives you pride. Getting clear answers to these questions in advance will help you enjoy the process as much as the product.

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