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Garage Packages and Pole Barn Kits Shipped Direct to You

Pole barn building is a traditional construction method well suited to large, open spaces. Also known as post and beam or post frame construction, these homes typically have open formats, high ceilings, and exposed beams, resulting in a rustic, yet modern, feel. When combined with contemporary building materials such as pressure treated wood and steel, pole barn construction is ideal for barns, garages, storage spaces, and agricultural and industrial buildings.

In pole barn construction the posts (the verticals, also called poles) and the beams (the horizontal structures) are typically exposed. Traditionally the posts and beams were attached to each other with mortise and tendon joints, but now metal fittings connect them. Old-fashioned barn raising involved gathering the community to raise the post and beam structure. It was a great system for building settlements in the New World.

Twenty-first century pole buildings arrive at the building site in pieces, ready to be erected by a team of workers. Manufacturers of pole building kits provide all the hardware, lumber, siding, roofing, and accessories needed for the desired size and style of building. Blueprints, elevations and perspective drawings, and detailed specifications make it easy for contractors and do-it-yourselfers to put the kit together. Customers can choose different types of siding, roofing, windows, and hardware.

Manufacturers offer both standard and custom-designed kits, any of which are delivered in one or two loads within a month or so of ordering. But the manufacturers' roles aren't over once the kits are delivered; they continue to provide practical assistance to the builders in case problems arise during construction.

Customary uses of modern pole barn and garage building kits include one-, two-, and three-car garages; barns; warehouses; machine sheds; horse stalls; indoor riding arenas; and run-in sheds. For storage, nothing surpasses a pole building. It's not uncommon for customers to erect a pole building for storage with the intention of using it for other purposes (play areas, offices, etc.) in the future when they can afford it.

Pole barn packages are part of the growing movement to find alternative to on-site stick building. Along with log cabin kits, modular buildings, and mobile homes, pole building kits provide relatively inexpensive ways to erect residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial structures. In addition, they minimize wood waste, limit destruction to building sites, and provide a much more efficient use of labor because there is no waiting around for supplies, lumber, or hardware. And, because each barn building kit is customized, customers pay only for what they want.

Most children play at building, starting with Lincoln Logs, going onto LEGO, and then graduating to sophisticated models and real-life tree houses and playhouses. It seems as if putting things together to make structures is a natural human instinct. With pole barn kits adults can continue to expand their desire to create shelter, whether they choose to erect the buildings themselves from the kits or hire someone to do the work. In either case, customers get the pleasure of seeing the building they need built on their property quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

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