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Garage and Pole Barn Kits Shipped Direct to You

There's something enchanting and engaging about pole-constructed barns. Before the 1830s all buildings erected by settlers in North America were post frame construction, also called post and beam or pole barn construction. Using broad posts and beams, this type of construction suited the heavily forested east with its settlements of many families to help with barn raising. It wasn't until 1833, when the first "stick-built" building rose in Chicago, that other types of construction became commonplace in the New World.

Pole barns typically use 6x6 vertical posts placed eight feet apart. Horizontal beams span the posts. The posts and beams provide the structure of the building, as opposed to stick-built structures in which the walls are structural elements. Modern-day pole barn construction uses pressure-treated wood for posts, metal for roofing, steel for trim, and vinyl or steel siding. A regulating industry approves the wooden trusses.

Pole barn kits provide an exceptionally easy and affordable way to construct a barn, garage, or other outbuilding. Kits include all the material needed for construction, including detailed plans, blueprints, and instructions; lumber; roofing; hardware; and siding. Elevation and perspective drawings and detailed specifications are available for contractors. Optional accessories such as steel doors, insulation, cupolas, stalls, sliding doors, and vinyl windows are easy to add to any pole barn package. Materials meet industry standards and come with manufacturers' warrantees.

Where extra space is needed, pole building or garage kits can substitute attic storage trusses for regular trusses. Customers often order storage trusses, and then finish the area off at a later time. In addition to storage, customers use attic trusses for offices, play rooms, or lounge areas. In this way they get extra space at minimal cost. Both common roof design and gambrel styles adapt well to added storage trusses.

Garages (one-car, two-car, three-car, and truss storage designs), barns, warehouses, horse stalls, riding arenas, machine sheds, and run in sheds are just some of the uses for pole barn kits. Customers can choose from a variety of color options for siding and roof shingles as well as door and window options.

Barn and garage building kits can be custom-designed to the specifications of each customer. Manufacturers start with standard kits and add the accessories desired by the customers. In this way customers get exactly what they want and don't pay for items they don't want. Materials arrive on site in one or two loads, so everything arrives at the same time, ready to be erected with no time wasted. Most companies that provide pole barn kits are able to deliver within three to five weeks after a customer places an order.

Quality pole barn kits are so complete do-it-yourselfers can easily erect their own buildings. Manufacturers provide generous support and assistance over the phone if questions arise. Customers may choose, however, to hire local contractors to put their buildings up. Some manufacturers recommend builders, while others leave it up to the customers. Even adding in the cost of hired builders, buildings made from barn and garage building kits are inexpensive ways to create substantial buildings for a wide array of purposes.

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