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Create Stone, Pavers, Brick, and Tile with Concrete Stone Molds

I live in a 200-year-old farmhouse. Like most houses of that age, it's been added onto and renovated more times than you can imagine. Somehow, all the different building materials work together, and it looks great. As I near retirement I want a smaller house, but I don't want to lose that blended look and ageless feeling of wood, stones, tile, and brick. Since I cannot afford the authentic materials, I am going to use concrete stone molds to create manufactured materials. This will be a great way to get the effect I want, and it's easier than it first appears!

Many people think they could spot a manufactured stone or paver a mile away, but very few people can. It's quite amazing how the cast stones have the look and feel of stones that come right out of the ground. Columns surrounded by flat cast stones look just like the dry stonework created by skilled Italian masons. When you walk over garden stepping stones made from concrete molds, you will never know the difference.

The advantages of cast stone are many. For one, real stones are not readily available in some parts of the country. Where they are available they are often extremely expensive. Transporting the heavy stones is another expense. Brick veneers, manufactured stone, and concrete tile made from concrete stone molds cost a fraction of the real stones.

You can lower the cost of your stonework even more by using do-it-yourself manufactured stone and decorative concrete kits. Buy kits online and you'll save even more. And it's not hard to do. Kits come with complete instructions. You choose the molds you want and decide whether you want to fill them with concrete, cement, or plaster. By adding coloring agents to the wet mixture you can get deep and subtle colors that will never wear off. Add a polyurethane-type finish and your manufactured stones will last a very long time.

The truth is that builders use manufactured stones, tile, landscape stone, and pavers even with high-end homes and mansions, so it's not just a matter of saving money. The manufactured products do the job and look like a million bucks! There's no sense paying more for the natural materials when the man-made ones look at least as good.

Of course, if you are building a McMansion, you are probably not going to make the stones yourself. But here's an idea. If you want to be able to build yourself a McMansion, think about going into the manufactured stone business. The same online merchants that sell concrete stone mold kits for individuals also sell them on a larger scale for people who want to go into the business. Check out the supply of (and demand for) manufactured stone products in your area to see if it might be a good business opportunity. Lots of ordinary people have built successful businesses supplying manufactured stone to builders and homeowners.

Whether you do it yourself, have someone do it for you, or do it for someone else, you'll find that concrete stone molds and manufactured stone products have a place in any home.

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