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Does Your Bathroom Need A Makeover? Bathroom Suites Are the Answer

Each part of our homes serves a purpose and each has its special place and value. While some are more important than others, together they combine to make a place a home, our home. Few would argue that the bathroom isn't a special place, one of the most private and intimate, and one that provides both a function as well as leisure, pleasure and recreation. As a result, an increasing number of people view their bathroom suites as much more than just a toilet, sink and shower. Instead, they view them as an opportunity to add comfort, features and value to their homes.

Bathroom suites can be so much more than the mundane, utilitarian designs of yesteryear. What once was a small selection of standard appliances has now become a wealth of bathroom products and decors for every taste, style and budget. The variations in colors, shapes, and materials are almost endless. And with it has come a wonderful opportunity to turn bathrooms into not only expressions of personal taste and style, but also relaxing, rejuvenating personal retreats in our busy lives.

If all of this sounds new and sort of unusual to you, plan a visit to a bath store or go poke around one of the bathroom superstores online. You'll be blown away by all that is available today, by the variety of showers and sinks and toilets and bathtubs and Jacuzzis of all conceivable styles, shapes, sizes and materials. Spend some time and immerse yourself in what's available, and you'll find entire lines and brands dedicated to certain looks or periods.

There's, for example, Imperial Bathrooms with designs that conjure up a bygone era and the glory of true British quality and craftsmanship. Brands such as TC Bathroom offer both playful and practical tubs, sinks, showers and bathroom furniture in both traditional and contemporary styles. Most people may think "Jacuzzi" is just a generic term for those wonderful whirlpool baths, but, in fact, it was a gentleman by the name of Roy Jacuzzi who invented them back in the 1960s. Today, the Jacuzzi brand stands for luxury bathrooms and unique designs that go well beyond just jetted tubs.

Also note how bathrooms have evolved over the years, and how you can easily add functionality, comfort and luxury, or perhaps just your own personal touch. Bathtubs, for example, are wonderful and relaxing, but sometimes all you need and want is a quick shower. If you have the space, those are easy to install, either as quadrant showers (yes, it means a quarter circle), with sliding doors, or in semi-circular or D shapes and many more. And spend a bit extra on a special shower valve. They come in so many different styles and designs today, each providing a unique shower feel and experience.

And don't forget seemingly small things like lighting. Who wants to take a bath in a harsh, bright spotlight like they used to have in bathrooms? Today you have your choice of soft, warm lighting fixtures to suit and complement both the style of your bathroom and your own personal taste.

Bathrooms are, in many respects, the innermost sanctum of our homes. It's where we relax and recharge and pamper ourselves. If your bathroom seems just cold and harsh, it's time to remodel. Go take a look at what's new and exciting in bathroom suites and make it your own!

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