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Factory Direct Home Building Products Easily Give Your Home a Facelift

If you're still in your home, consider yourself lucky. Chances are, you're not even considering moving. With so many mortgages "under water," homeowners aren't moving up to bigger or better homes, as they would be doing in a healthier economy. That leaves the available housing stock somewhat depleted, so choices are limited. Plus, many of us don't want to take on more debt in these uncertain times. If you were hoping to move to a more stylish, up-to-date, or impressive home in your own community, you have another option: Invest in your home with factory direct quality home building products.

You can modernize and upgrade your own home for far less money than it would cost to buy a new one. You can give your kitchen cabinets a facelift with new doors and hardware or you can replace the cabinets. New cabinets have the advantage of having amenities like pullout shelves. You can choose from dozens of door styles, several different stains and finishes, and many convenient accessories.

Need more light in your house? A skylight can bring daylight into dark rooms, transforming them into cheery spaces. You can even control the amount of light that comes in through the skylight with venetian blinds or shades that block light. Certain shades block the heat while letting light come through. An amazing solar powered lightblock shade harnesses the sunlight to power its own remote control. Tubular skylights and sun tunnels are easy to install and come in different designs depending on the amount of available sunlight.

A beautiful mantle can be the highlight of your home; there is nothing quite like sitting in front of a fireplace. A custom made mantle with a shelf above it gives you a prominent place to display family photos or objects of art. You can choose the perfect style and finish to go with your fireplace.

Glass block products add architectural interest to your home. Whether you want a glass block window for bathroom privacy, a glass block shower, or an entire glass block wall, preassembled panels eliminate the mess of onsite construction. Or you can choose acrylic block for walls or windows.

Home building products like shutter and door surrounds add accents to the outside of your home. Vinyl and composite shutters come in today's most popular colors. Using the same or coordinating colors for shutters, gable vents, door surrounds, and window frames will give your home a harmonious look. Columns are another great addition to the outside of a house. Fypon and vinyl columns have the advantages of being easy to install, low maintenance, and load bearing.

A personalized address plaque will add a distinctive finishing touch to your home makeover. Name and address plaques come in different sizes with wall or lawn mounting options. Plaques that are made from rust-free recycled aluminum with paints specially formulated for the out-of-doors will grace your home for years to come. In fact, when your friends admire your handcrafted plaque, you will know what to get them for their next birthdays!

As you can see, you can have a new house without buying one. With quality home building products you can have the home of your dreams.

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