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Unique Bird Houses and Wild Bird Feeders Add Beauty to Your Yard

If you want to contribute to the environment and jazz up your yard decor at the same time, try adding several unique bird houses and wild bird feeders. These can beautify your home while simultaneously attracting lovely birds to your yard.

Bird houses and feeders hang as picture perfect ornaments from trees, fence posts, windows or even your patio deck, but they offer so much more than decoration if you're a nature lover. Bird watching is a fairly simplistic and inexpensive hobby. You'll find bird watching to be very relaxing as you sit outdoors on a swing or lie on a hammock and watch various types of birds visit the wild bird feeders in your yard. You can even keep some binoculars and a camera on hand for whenever you see a unique bird.

You can create a marvelous bird haven in your yard with various bird houses and wild bird feeders, giving your feathered friends food, water and shelter. Your yard can provide a safe place for birds to mate, eat, drink, and raise their young. You'll also be providing protection from many of birds' natural predators as well as inclement weather. And just for your efforts, numerous birds will sing enchanting lullabies to you each morning!

Types of Bird Houses and Bird Feeders

Bird houses and feeders come in a variety of colors, materials, shapes and sizes. Some of the most beautiful bird products are hand made, created from wood, stoneware, ceramic, or hand blown glass. Some bird houses are shaped like animals - even birds - such as the cardinal wood bird house, bluebird houses, and cat-shaped houses. There are also many bird houses shaped like little cottages, cupcakes, log cabins, trailers, canisters, vegetables, and other creative designs.

Wild bird feeders can cater to certain types of birds. For example, if you wish to attract hummingbirds to your yard, opt for special hummingbird feeders. These small feeders come in various styles and colors, decorated with flowers and other designs. Hummingbirds will love them, and you'll be able to sit and watch them play in your yard for hours of enjoyment. To attract finches, add a three-tube finch feeder to your yard. This type of wild bird feeder can feed up to 24 finches all at once, keeping each one in perfect view!

There are also squirrel proof bird feeders if your yard usually attracts lots of squirrels. These are designed to allow birds to feed while preventing squirrels from stealing their food. Squirrel proof bird feeders come in styles such as platform bird feeders and caged tubular feeders.

The designs of wild bird feeders available today are virtually endless, with basic styles such as window bird feeders, platform and fly thru feeders, tubular and hopper bird feeders. The materials used range from weatherproof stoneware and ceramics, stained glass and copper, recycled plastics and glass, and - of course - wood. Everything from covered wagons and lighthouse bird feeders, to stoneware cats, cupcakes, and laughing green men bird feeders are available. Whatever you may fancy or collect, there is a bird feeder that will strike a chord and brighten up your yard!

Once you find suitable unique bird houses and wild bird feeders for your yard, be sure to add other bird accessories to complement your decorations. Try ceramic bird baths or hanging bird baths, drippers, nesting balls, solar stepping stones, garden flags, stoneware toad houses, garden statues, fountains, and other garden decor products to dress up your yard.

You can find many unique bird houses and wild bird feeders online at affordable prices. So visit a bird accessory retailer on the Web today to check out all the adorable styles available. You'll see some amazing birds gather soon to add vibrant color and sweet songs to your yard!

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