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Bring Southwest Mexican Rustic Home Decor into Your Home Easily and Inexpensively

It's always been easy to find and purchase Southwest home decor items in the southern states boarding Mexico. In the past, if you wanted authentic decor, you would have to make a weekend shopping trip to the border or if a friend was going to Mexico ask them to bring you what you wanted. But with the turmoil in the border towns, it makes sense to get your decor items another way. Luckily, it's so easy to order the item that you desire online. If you've been thinking about incorporating some southwest Mexican rustic home decor into your home, here are some easy tips to get you started.


If you are going to bring the feel of the south into your home, having a few key pieces of artwork on your walls will really make a statement. Everyone sees the walls and they can often be a big focal point as it usually says a lot about the theme and the character of the room. There are several types and styles of artwork to choose from within southwestern decor, depending on the look you are going for. You have traditional painting to choose from, but also painting done on hides, furs and skins as well as painted skulls and woven wall hangings. Even adding one or two pieces to your wall will instantly add that wow factor that you're looking for.


Lighting can say so much about a room. Not only the actual brightness of the room but the lighting fixtures as well. They can really bring the whole room together creating mood and adding so much to the style. If you already have some lamp stands that you like and fit the overall theme, then changing out the lampshades to rustic sconce light covers or rawhide skin covers will change the color of the light to a calmer shade. They look natural and neutral as well so they will go with all color schemes. If you're looking for something that stands out a bit more, then a lamp made from antlers is always a good conversational piece.


It often the little things that can make a home feel like a home and tie in the real style you are trying to achieve. There are endless amounts of accessories to choose from when going with a southwest themed decor. A must is a floor rug; it creates warmth and shows style. Painted wooden bowls, wooden candleholders, Mexican tin mirrors and talvera pottery are just a few of the many other options. Depending on your budget and the size of your living space you can incorporate many different accessory pieces all over the home and create a finished look.

As you can see with just a few piece of art, a couple new lampshades and some accessories you can recreate the look of your home and have that Southwest Mexican Rustic Home Decor you have always wanted. You can start slow and over time you fill in accents and over time create an entire new look for your home. No matter what state you live in, with the Internet you can bring the southwest home and live there all year round.

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