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Keep Mosquitoes Out with Instant Screen Doors

Whether you live in a cold climate, a warm climate, or somewhere in between, mosquitoes are a fact of life during at least part of the year. From Florida to Alaska folks battle these annoying and disease carrying insects. They're pesky and they're a health hazard. Bugs sprays, net clothing, and waving arms go a long way toward keeping these pesky bugs at bay when you are outside, but how can you keep mosquitoes and other insects from following you into your home when you go inside from the garden?

Screen doors are the obvious answer to that question. But framed screen doors are expensive and take skills and tools to install. Plus, they can be hard to find for windows and doors that are not standard sizes. Instant mesh screen doors may be the most versatile and cost effective solution to pest control. They open only to the width of your body and snap shut after you pass through, unlike framed doors that must open all the way to let someone through, leaving more time to leg bugs in the house.

Instant screens made from soft and durable charcoal colored mesh hang from adjustable spring tension rods. It's easy to install these smart screen doors in just a few minutes with no tools or special skills. Available in a number of standard sizes, instant screen doors can also be custom sized to fit any door or window. They work on single doors, double doors, French doors and sliding glass doors. They even work with crank style windows.

Because the screen door closes by itself as soon as you pass through it, it's never left open. That means there's no need to yell, "Close the door!" when you have an instant screen door. And, you'll never hear that loud Bang of a door slamming shut. Plus, because mesh screen doors have magnetic, hands-free entry and open so easily, you can walk in or out through the screen even if your hands are full. You can bring food and drinks from home to garden without opening a door and without letting bugs in the house.

Some apartments, rental properties, and condos do not allow owners and tenants to install standard framed screen doors. With instant screen mesh doors you can enjoy the breeze and keep mosquitoes out while complying with the rules. With a mesh screen on front and back doors you'll get breezes flowing through the whole unit.

Tired of letting the dogs out every few minutes? A mesh screen door is the answer. Dogs (and cats) can let themselves in and out without letting mosquitoes in. This is one inexpensive product that serves double duty in pest control.

Mesh screen doors have another advantage: they are completely portable and storable. Unlike framed doors that are permanently installed, you can take the mesh screens down when it's not bug season. They take up almost no room in the closet or garage. And you can take them to your vacation home. You can use them all year round or on a temporary basis just when you need them. You decide when and where to put up your flexible mesh screen door.

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