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Easily Save Energy as the Seasons Change with Photo Control Lighting

When Daylight Saving Time rolls around each year, timer-controlled outdoor lights often have to be reset if you want to synchronize them with day and night. Even on a timer, the lights are not always going to turn on and off precisely with the break of dawn or when the sun goes down. One way to eliminate this problem is to use energy-saving photo controls for your outdoor lighting. Photo controlled lights are designed to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically.

The photo control feature is a light-sensing device that controls various types of bulbs and lamps. Photo controls detect and respond to light levels, meaning they can sense when natural light levels are low and then automatically turn on the electric lights. When the natural light level is higher, the photo controls can sense this as well and turn off the electric lights. This detection usually corresponds with dusk and dawn, meaning the lights only burn electricity during the night hours when needed.

Benefits of Photo Control Lighting

Photo controls offer a number of benefits for the homeowner or business owner. Lighting that doesn't have to be switched on and off manually saves time and means there's one less thing to remember! Photo controls keep up with your lighting automatically so you won't have to worry about it at the start and finish of the day. Also, the photo control devices are designed so they're not affected by Daylight Saving Time or seasonal time changes.

Another benefit is no tools are needed to install the photo controls. Brand name photo controls such as those offered by Touch & Glow (R) can simply be screwed into a regular lamp socket - just like a bulb! Also, the design is compact but rugged to withstand outdoor use.

Photo controls save on energy because they don't waste energy by staying on during daylight hours. With manual lights, you'd have to wake up at dawn each morning to switch off your outdoor lights at the precise moment when the sun begins to rise. On days when you choose to sleep in, manual outdoor lights will continue to burn even after the sun has risen. Photo control lighting is convenient if you work on third shift because the lights will turn off automatically before you return home each morning if you usually arrive an hour or so after sunrise.

Fluorescent photo controls such as the ones made by Touch & Glow (R) work with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL), which help save even more energy. There are many other benefits such as added security for home or business, versatile for various lighting needs, activated by natural sunlight, gives your home a "lived in" look while you're away, lights normally dark areas in your yard for safer walking at night, and extends the life of light bulbs substantially.

Whether you need dependable, cost-efficient lighting for your driveway, walkway, garage area, or front and back yards, photo control lighting can save you time and money. You can view all sorts of energy-efficient lighting products online such as fluorescent photo controls, touch lamp controls, dimmers, switches, wireless remote controls, and others. Now's the time to light up your home or business the easy way!

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