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When a Rose Isn't a Rose: All About Odor Remover

Research has substantiated what we've all subconsciously known, namely that smell is among the most powerful of our senses. Although most of us are more aware of our sight and hearing, scents can conjure up deep-seated memories. Aromas have the power to comfort us or disgust us, to bring smiles to our faces or to set our nerves on edge.

Scent memory is a powerful phenomena, one that we experience when the whiff of sun-dried laundry fresh off the clothesline makes us flash back to the summer days of our childhood, or a stranger's cologne triggers memories of our first infatuation. Marketers understand the power of scent memory, and use that to their advantage as they blow the fragrance of cinnamon and yeast near that ubiquitous food stall in the mall or add the scent of lemon to cleaning products. We've been trained to know that, if it smells like citrus, it must be clean.

Not all smells conjure up pleasant sensations, though. Throughout the animal kingdom, creatures mark their territory with urine and pheromones that offend the human sense of smell. Skunks use smell to ward off potential predators. In the human realm, we use deodorant to mask the unwanted scent associated with perspiration and sweat, and go to great lengths to remove odor caused by environmental factors like cooking and smoking.

Indeed, successful odor removal plagues most people at some point in their lives. From reeking gym bags and smelly laundry to malodorous pet urine and stinky mildew, it's a challenge to find the right odor remover. Sprays may mask odors, but they don't remove the smell. Other products may offer temporary relief, but run the risk of harming you or your pets. Detergents may initially dispense relief, but the unwanted scent may soon return. It's as though the odor permeates to such a degree that you need something that works like an odor stain remover.

Thankfully, there is one type of material that is both incredibly effective and safe for both humans and pets. It's called zeolite, and refers to a substance with a chemical structure that is somewhat porous. Essentially, zeolites have a structure that resembles a honeycomb, and act like sieves that trap molecules of a certain size. There are about four dozen naturally occurring zeolites, and over 150 synthetic zeolites.

When it comes to odor removal, zeolites work because they have a negative molecular charge that attracts dust particles. Typically, odors are airborne, and catch a ride on dust particles. The zeolites attract the freeloaders, and then trap them in their mircopores.

But the best thing about using a product containing zeolites as an odor remover is that it's 100 percent natural. In and of itself, it has no smell, and the best zeolite odor removal products have no perfumes, chemicals, or additives. Indeed, the best of the best have been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency as environmentally safe.

While some of life's scents make us smile, it's good to know that there's an odor remover out there that can get rid of the rest.

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