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Organize Your Home and Save Money

It's spring-cleaning time, and for me, organizing goes hand in hand with cleaning. I made a list (I'll do anything to avoid actually cleaning) of all the ways my disorganization costs me time and money. Pretty appalling! From what I discovered, I'm positive that getting organized is one of the best ways to save money in these tight economic times.

Here's my list:

1. I stepped on a piece of my bicycle pump and broke it so it doesn't work anymore. Which isn't so much of a problem because I forgot to lock my bike and someone stole it.

2. I left the power cord to my computer at home when I visited my mother, so I had to buy another one.

3. I couldn't find my bottle of sunscreen in the bathroom, so I bought another one only to find the first bottle under a towel.

4. I drove my car over (and broke) my expensive kayak paddle because it was lying on the garage floor.

5. I've stopped wearing earrings because I keep losing them. It's not that they fall off my ears - I lose them in the house or the car.

6. I keep buying jars of salsa because I can't find them in the pantry.

7. My shoes get all scratched and crushed because I dump them in the closet or leave them on the floor. I tripped over a shoe the other day and hurt my elbow so I couldn't work for two days.

Excuse me if I don't continue. The list is getting me down. My point is that being disorganized is extremely wasteful, which is a bad thing anytime, but is especially bad now when everyone is being so careful with money.

I'm really not sure I can do anything to improve my organization. But if I could, these are some of the changes I would make to address my sad list:

1. I would buy a rack and hood system for the garage. I'd hang all my small tools and equipment from it. I'd also install some super heavy duty hooks in the garage for heavier tools. I'd store my bikes inside the garage on special hooks that hang from the ceiling.

2. A storage box could hold all the extra computer parts.

3. Shallow, open bathroom shelves would allow me to see everything on hand.

4. In organizing my garage I would include a special shelf for my kayak paddles. All the other kayak gear would do into a mesh bag.

5. I've seen jewelry organizers that make it easy to store and find earrings.

6. I find it hard to locate jars and cans of food in a deep pantry. Narrow pantry shelves make out of wire mesh make everything visible.

7. Old-fashioned metal shoe racks still work great. But now you can buy vertical shoe organizers that hang from the closet rod. They take up very little space and you can put the shoes you wear most in the slots that are easiest to reach.

I didn't add up the cost of everything I lost or broke due to disorganization, but I have no doubt that it would cost much less to buy home organizer products. They would pay for themselves in no time at all.

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