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Globes Help You Explore the World

One of my fondest childhood memories is closing my eyes, spinning the family globe, and putting my finger down on a faraway location. Then I would think about what life might be like in that distant spot. I learned early how to use a globe to explore the world.

From our globe I also learned that at 23.5 degrees, the tilt of the globe is the same as the tilt of the earth. I learned that the tilt of the earth in relation to the sun makes the seasons change and the hours of daylight lengthen and shorten.

Today's globes are different from the globes of my childhood. Territorial lines are not the same and many countries have changed their names. The USSR, once the biggest country in the world, has been replaced by smaller independent nations. Germany has been divided and reunited. What was East Pakistan from 1947 to 1971 is now Bangladesh. Colonies of the British Empire are now independent countries. The list of changes goes on and on.

Desk globes

My family had a desk globe that turned on its axis. Besides being fun and educational, it was beautiful and part of the home decor. Now there are so many different desk globes to choose from. A raised relief globes with easy-to-find locations is ideal for young children. Ocean globes show undersea physical features as well as land features such as forests, deserts, grasslands, and mountains. You can even buy a desk globes with an old world look and modern geographical boundaries.

Gift globes

An amazing gift for a real-world traveler or an armchair adventurer is a gemstone globe inlaid with semi-precious stones in the shapes of countries and continents. For stargazers, an illuminated constellation globe shows beautiful celestial images. Modernists will like the visually stunning transparent globes bisected by a unique stainless steel axis base.

Floor globes

Floor gloves are available with hardwood stands, metal stands, three- or four-legged stands, and wooden pedestals. Floor globes have styles and designs similar to desk globes.

School globes

School globes are still among the best educational tools. They stimulate the imagination and encourage understanding of the natural world and of other cultures. School globes depict the oceans, the sky, landmasses, and geographical features. A whimsical square globe really challenges assumptions about how the world should look!

Model ships

Globes aren't the only way to travel without leaving home. Handcrafted model ships symbolize fortune, misfortune, and adventure. Based on actual ships such as the Mayflower, the schooner America, and the USS Constitution, model ships are elegant decorations that evoke a different way of life. They make ideal gifts for lovers of the sea, boat enthusiasts, or nautical history buffs, whether they favor tall ships, ocean liners, yachts, cruisers, or sailboats.

Sizes and costs

Globes come in a wide range of sizes-from less than 6 inches in diameter to over 32 inches. Most globes are 12 or 16 inches in diameter. Prices vary as much as sizes and styles, going from under $50 to over $1000.

Globes teach us about the world and provide a lifetime of enjoyment and learning.

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