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For a Great Night's Sleep, Choose Down Comforters

There's nothing like a down comforter for warmth and lightweight comfort. There is no need to pile on the covers when you sleep under down. Because down comforters follow the contours of your body and adjusts to changes, they provide complete freedom of movement. Plus, down comforters cover your body evenly, warmly, and lightly without needing to be tucked in. All in all, down comforters provide a lifetime of warmth and comfort.

Down comforters come in a variety of fill powers. If you live in a cold climate, you might prefer a comforter with a higher fill power. For year-round use in a more temperate climate, a lower fill power might fit your needs perfectly. Just remember, the higher the fill power, the warmer the blanket.
If you are allergic to down and feathers or prefer a lower cost comforter, consider alternative down comforters. These fiber-filled alternatives feel soft and silky to the touch. Their warmth is measured in thread count, ranging from a 210-thread count for spring and fall up to a thread count of 800 for the coldest nights.

An easy-to-clean duvet cover will protect your comforter. You can choose a 100% Egyptian cotton duvet cover, a textured jacquard duvet cover, a colorful sateen duvet cover, or a super-soft supima cotton duvet cover. With checks, stripes, colors, and patterns to match any décor, your duvet cover is an important part of your bedroom ensemble.

If you are devoted to down, you don't have to reserve its lightweight warmth for the bedroom. You can use a down throw indoors or out. Filled with natural down and covered with a soft sueded 100% polyester microfiber shell, down throws are machine-washable and will hold up to everyday use. V stitching keeps the down from shifting. Throws are also available with alternative fills, just like comforters.

For the ultimate in sleeping comfort, consider a feather bed, feather bed topper, down feather bed, or pillow top featherbed. These products provide luxury at its best.

If you want a really good night's sleep, you will need a really good pillow. But don't lose sleep over the cost; you can find an excellent pillow for a reasonable price. If you want a down pillow, you can choose from down chamber pillows, quilted down pillows, Hungarian white good down pillows, and feather pillows. Or perhaps you prefer a foam pillow. Whatever your preference, be sure to replace your worn out or poor quality pillow if you want to give your neck and head the support they need.

Luxury bedding sheets complete your sleeping ensemble. Whether you choose Egyptian cotton sheets, Damask cotton sheets, or other high quality sheets, make sure you choose the right size for your bed. If you want to try something new, consider bamboo sheets. Soft as cashmere and smooth as silk, bamboo sheets actually regulate temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Plus, bamboo is naturally antibacterial and allergen-free.

When you consider that you spend nearly one-third of your time in bed, there's no better investment than comfortable bedding. With so many alternatives to choose from, you can select just what you need for a great night's sleep.

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