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Crucifixes, Crosses, and Christian Home Decor Items and Gifts

Crosses, crucifixes, and other inspirational products serve as constant reminders of Christ. They have a place in believers' homes, offices, and churches. They also make excellent gifts.

As a representation of the sacrifice of Jesus, for many people a crucifix is a symbol of God's love and the redemption of mankind. Devout Christians sit, stand, or kneel in front of a cross or crucifix in prayer and meditation. For many people, displaying a crucifix or cross at home or at work bears witness to their faith.

Works of Art

In addition to being important Christian symbols, crosses and crucifixes can be beautiful works of art. A simple, handmade cross or an elaborately carved and ornamented crucifix equally represents the atoning sacrifice of Jesus. A hand carved Jerusalem cross with the engraved face of Jesus is a meditative focal point. Four crosses on the corners represent the commitment of Christians to spreading the gospel to the four corners of the earth. These symbols of Christian devotion add both beauty and spirit to home decor.

Modern folk artists draw on their appreciation for both nature and Christianity to create unique works of devotional art. Angel birdhouses, rich in whimsical detail, welcome feathered friends. A porcelain folk art statuette of an angel holds a tea candle to warm a dark corner or kindle a friendship. A stone resin angel carrying the serenity prayer is a lovely daily reminder for anyone, regardless of religious faith.

Ideal Gifts

Christian symbols make perfect Christmas gifts. A lion and lamb cross figurine depicts the ultimate peace that is found only in Jesus. Traditional and modern-looking nativity sets add life to the Christmas season and some are of heirloom quality that can be handed down for generations to come. A glass dome nativity is a beautiful decoration for Christmas and throughout the year. A red, green, and gold glittering cross makes an elegant tree ornament. Holy family musical globes celebrate Christmas in sight and sound.

For the practical-minded, boxes ornamented with nativity scenes or crosses make safe homes for rosaries or other keepsakes. Picture frames decorated with angels and crosses symbolize love for the newborn babe and for Jesus. Psalm 23 business card holders are ideal reminders for the hard-working person.

Gratitude, Peace, and Love

Christian symbols bring messages of gratitude, peace, and love. A graceful angel gazes toward heaven with a gesture of thanks. A banner carries the message of peace. A figurine of a cherub with doves honors peace, love, and innocence. A beautiful angel sitting next to a rock inscribed with "Bless this Home" is a blessing indeed.

Statues of angels hold blessings of guidance, generosity, peace, and harmony. Each angel statue carries its own message.

Witnesses to Faith

Crosses and other Christian symbols bear witness to faith. When placed in home decor, they bring the devotion of Christ into the home and everyday life. There is perhaps no better way to bring grace to family and friends.

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