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Elegant Bathroom Suite Ideas Can Dress Up Your Bathroom Decor

Whether you're building a brand new home or are planning to renovate your existing bathroom, buying a bathroom suite in one purchase can save you a great deal of time and money. Bathroom suites are basically sets of bathroom furnishings, hardware and fixtures that contain two or more needful items, and often at a discounted price. Buying a bathroom suite with all your bath necessities is much easier than trying to mix and match various bath furnishings.

With many bath supply companies, the bathroom furniture pieces in a bath suite are well matched to blend with one another. Bathroom suites often focus on a certain design or theme, and may be based on a certain period of time, such as antique style baths, roll top baths, contemporary, traditional, or modern. From the lovely claw-foot tub design from yesteryear to the polished modern sinks and toilets, and everything in between, bathroom suites are put together to help you decorate your bathroom with simplicity.

Make it Functional

If there's one room in your home that should be functional, it's the bathroom. Your bathroom suite should reflect your personality as well as take care of the practical needs of your family. Consider the size of the bathtub; be sure it will provide comfortable bathing for the largest-sized person in the family. Will you need a separate stand-in shower, or do you prefer having the shower and tub all in one unit? The sink should cater to your needs as well. Do you need double sinks or a whole lot of counter space around your sink? Do you want to use the sink as a place for hairstyling, shaving, makeup application, etc.? If so, you'll need a sink with plenty of counter space.

Matching your faucets and spigots is just as important to your design as the bathroom suite itself. These can be used to complement your decor and will create a certain mood in the room.

Bathroom Suites and Themes

When shopping for a bathroom suite, look for a design and colors that match your decor theme. If you use flowers, country scenes, animals, or nature scenes, then you might opt for a more traditional style or classic style bathroom suite. If you plan to use bold, simple colors and designs such as black and white stripes, red circles, or plain white or grey walls, consider buying modern-day bathroom furniture. Match your bathroom suite furniture to your floor tiles, wall colors (or wallpaper), and your overall theme. Then enhance your decor with houseplants, figurines, mirrors, a matching trash bin, a lovely clothes hamper, an ornamental wall sconce for lighting, wall paintings, and other bath accessories.

Arrange your bathroom furnishings and accessories for looks as well as space. Consider the walking area and where you want to place the bathtub, toilet and sink. Also, if you want to add a bidet, be sure there's enough room left beside the toilet to install this item.

With online stores you don't even have to leave your home to buy stunning bathroom suites. There are many styles to choose from at affordable prices, and you can order from your home computer. Look for brand names such as Hudson Reed, Phoenix, Frontline, Roca, RAK, Qualceram, Balterley, Ashford Savoy, Elizabeth, Antonio, Sector, and others to ensure long-lasting enjoyment.

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