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Six Important Signs Someone You Love Needs Substance Abuse Intervention

Don't Miss These Danger Signals!

Thanks to the popular hit TV series, 'intervention' has come to mean something very specific in the public conversation shorthand for 'substance abuse intervention.' Once a relatively little-known strategy used in extreme circumstances by substance abuse professionals, intervention has now become part of the popular lexicon. The popularity of the TV show has increased the calls that substance abuse centers get requesting interventions, but it may not always be the most appropriate strategy. There are very specific signs and signals that professionals in sober treatment and therapy centers look for when deciding whether a formal intervention is an appropriate strategy to help a loved one.

What Is Intervention?

For dramatic purposes, the television show focuses on one aspect of a successful drug intervention program confronting the loved one in a safe environment with evidence of their substance abuse and the harm it is doing.

In actual practice, there is far more to a drug intervention program than the confrontation. The confrontation is only the first part of a comprehensive course of substance abuse education and treatment, and should only be carried out with the assistance of a trained interventionist. Many local detox treatment and therapy centers employ counselors who are trained to facilitate and assist in a safe confrontation that presents the addicted individual with options for treatment and provides support services for both the individual and the family, friends and co-workers involved with them.

When Is Intervention Needed Six Signs Important Signs

Many addicts recognize their addiction and the problems that it causes for themselves and their loved ones. They will often seek help and treatment on their own. This isn't always the case, though. Some people with substance abuse problems are either unable or unwilling to recognize the role that their addiction plays in their problems at home, work or in social situations. They may blame others or their luck or bad circumstances for those problems. In those cases, a trained interventionist can help break through the wall of denial and help the individual recognize what their substance abuse is doing to their lives and their loved ones.

Does Your Loved One Need an Intervention?

These six signs are common among people struggling with substance abuse. When they're coupled with denial of the problem or lies about their use or abuse of alcohol and drugs, an intervention may help them recognize their need to get sober and detox.

• Significant changes in personal appearance, hygiene and weight
• Withdrawal from family functions and fights with family and friends
• Lies about their whereabouts and actions
• Promises to get help that are not kept
• Denial of drug or alcohol use
• Accusations of theft and petty crime that are out of character

If you see these signs in a loved one and believe that they may have a substance abuse problem, contact a local detox and treatment and therapy practice to discuss the possibility of a drug intervention program.

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