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The Five Truths About Substance Abuse Relapse They Donít Want You to Know

Are you fearful about relapse? For too many people on the road to recovery from substance abuse, the specter of relapse is an ever-present fear. The idea of putting in all the work to get through detox and therapy only to have it undone by a slip especially an accidental one often looms over the lives of the person in recovery, making it difficult to get on with their lives and enjoy their new-found sobriety. Don't let these five myths about relapse color your view of what you can achieve with the help of local detox treatment and therapy centers.

Myth #1: Everyone Relapses

In fact, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the relapse rates for substance abuse recovery are about the same as the relapse rates for just about every other type of treatment that tries to change harmful behaviors affecting chronic physical conditions, including diabetes and hypertension. In fact, only about 40 to 60 percent of people who try to get sober and detox end up relapsing. That's comparable to the percentage of people who fail to exercise regularly or change their diets, even when they know that those changes will save their lives.

Myth #2: The Definition of Relapse Is to Start Using Again

The truth is that not everyone who quits drinking is actually 'in recovery.' Giving up the drug of choice is only one step on the road to better health and addiction-free living. Most experts in addiction treatment now recognize that relapse starts long before the recovering addict picks up a drink or needle. Recovery requires learning new ways of thinking and coping with stress and behaving, and the best way of learning those new skills is in a local detox treatment and therapy center, where the person in recovery will have the support of experts who are trained to recognize warning signals and steer treatment back on course.

Myth #3: People Who Relapse Just Haven't Hit Bottom Yet

This may be one of the most tenacious and self-defeating myths of them all. The implication is that anyone who falters on the road to recovery just isn't motivated enough to quit their harmful behaviors yet. Very often, when people relapse into old behaviors, it's not the person who fails it's the treatment that has failed them. Every person is an individual with individual problems that need a tailored treatment. The best substance abuse centers recognize this and will work to find the treatments and therapies that best address an individual's problems.

Myth #4: If You Relapse, Your Treatment Was a Failure

Some people succeed in leaving their addictions behind on their first attempt. Others must try over and over again. A relapse doesn't mean that you failed or that the treatment failed. It may mean that the treatment regimen needs to be adjusted or that you and your substance abuse counselor need to work on your recovery plan. At the very worst, it may mean that a different treatment center will be more suited to your needs.

Myth #5: A Relapse Puts You Back to Square One

Of all poisonous myths about substance abuse relapse, this one may be the most damaging of them all. A relapse doesn't wipe out the progress made toward the goal of recovery. It doesn't take away the accomplishment of every sober day, nor the insights reached during previous treatment. Recovery doesn't get harder with relapses. The best substance abuse treatment centers recognized that every step on the road to recovery is an important one.

Don't let myths about relapse keep you from seeking the treatment and help you need. Find a local detox treatment and therapy center to help you dust yourself off and get back on the road.

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