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Silent Nights Patches Eliminate Sleepless Nights

If you suffer from sleeplessness, then you likely already know the negative impact a lack of sleep can have in your life. Perhaps you wake up feeling as though you didn't sleep a wink. Maybe you feel tired all day or less energetic than you once felt. The bottom line is that a sleep deficit can create problems at work and at home.

Sleepless nights can occur for a number of reasons. Exhaustion can cause an inability to fall asleep, tossing and turning, and restlessness. Stress and worry can cause lack of sleep due to nervous exhaustion, tension and anxiety, an overactive mind, insomnia and light sleeping. Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea can also cause many sleepless nights...even with C-pap treatment!

As you tirelessly search for a remedy for your sleep problems, you might easily find relief in a simple, all-natural patch without the use of harmful sleeping pills. The patch is called Silent Nights by Lifewave and it is changing the way the "sleep-deprived" find more restful, deeper sleep.

Silent Nights patches use the ancient Eastern knowledge of acupuncture to stimulate pressure points on the body without the use of traditional acupuncture needles. As the pressure points are stimulated, the flow of energy in the body is improved to enhance sleep. The patches have been clinically shown to improve quality of sleep from the very first evening of use.

Benefits of Using Patches to Overcome Sleepless Nights

Patches are easy to use, and nothing actually enters the body. The patches are placed on the skin so they are trans-dermal. It's a great alternative to sleeping pills because there are no known side effects. You can also use only half the patch one night and the other half during the following night by simply peeling off only half of the adhesive cover. This can save you money if you plan to use the patches every night. You can also use these while traveling since many travelers experience sleepless nights!

Suffer from Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is onset by a lack of oxygen for various reasons, including blockage of the air passages due to relaxed tissues in the throat while sleeping. Folks with sleep apnea often experience frequent periods of waking due to inability to breathe, whether they realize it or not. Although the Silent Nights patches can't guarantee a cure for sleep apnea, they can certainly help with the flow of oxygen in the body. Oxygen is needed to heal and repair the body during sleep as well as enhance brain and organ function while awake. Even if you are already using a C-pap or Bi-pap machine treatment for sleep apnea, the patches can be used in addition to help improve flow of oxygen to enable more pleasant sleep.

If you're not sure about how to use Silent Nights patches, just read the directions either online or with your order. Diagrams and videos are available online to show you exactly where acupressure points are so you'll know where to place the patches on your body. Please do speak with your doctor before using the patches if you suffer from a severe health problem. The patches are not meant to cure disease or replace prescribed medications. Go online today to learn how the patches can help you overcome those dreaded sleepless nights!

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