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Sanitize Work-Out Equipment at the Gym with a Cleaning Compound

Exercise is wonderful, but there are times when exercise equipment becomes a hotbed of bacteria and germs. Whether you own a membership fitness facility or have a home gym, you can easily clean gym equipment with a cleaning compound and remove harmful bacteria and germs. Bacteria-fighting cleaning compounds such as Cyber Clean work much more effectively than the usual damp cloth and spray method. Made with a putty-like substance, the cleaning compound can be pressed into hard-to-reach spaces on the gym equipment to remove dirt and grime...along with the harmful germs that seem to love these spots!

Men and women who work out frequently probably don't even think of all the germs that can be passed around in a gym. One work-out room might have 30 or more pieces of equipment, and each of those will retain germs from the numerous users coming and going for weight training or work out sessions. Not to mention, everyone that uses the equipment will likely perspire during a workout, and their hands will become sweaty! This is a common way harmful germs can spread in a gym...whether it be germs that can cause viruses, colds or influenza.

What Can You Clean?

With a putty-like cleaning compound, you can clean areas that a cloth just won't reach. This includes control keypads with buttons and knobs (the areas around knobs or between buttons) on high tech treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, stepper machines and rowing machines. But that's not all. Gyms also may have remote controls for televisions and office equipment that needs to be cleaned often. Keyboard cleaning is much easier with a cleaning compound like Cyber Clean, because the putty-like substance can be pressed down between every key!

If your gym has stretching mats, exercise balls, jump ropes, barbells, free weights, weight scales, headrests and any item with handles, these can also easily be cleaned with the cleaning compound. It's not just limited to keypads and high tech electronics. And the great thing is you won't have to spray these items to clean them. The cleaning compound has a built-in disinfectant to do the job thoroughly. This will save much time if you usually clean the equipment several times per day.

Working Out in a Clean Environment

If you don't own gym equipment but work out often at a membership facility or even at a gym provided by your apartment complex, be sure to take a disinfectant cleaning compound along. It won't hurt to clean the areas you will touch before using the equipment. Clean the handles and keypads to ensure there are no harmful germs from previous users. Even if the gym appears to be clean, this doesn't mean there aren't germs lurking.

Use your unique cleaning methods as a promotional tool to increase gym membership. Folks are more concerned today than ever with safe, germ-free environments...especially during cold and flu season. Let potential members know that your facilities are cleaned often and with a cleaning compound that helps you do a more thorough job.

Using a disinfectant cleaning compound such as Cyber Clean not only kills germs in the gym, but can also be used for auto cleaning, office equipment/keyboard cleaning, and other difficult cleaning tasks. Use these tips to make your gym equipment sparkle and shine!

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