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Quit Smoking: Reducing the Nicotine is the First Step

Whether you're a heavy or casual smoker, you probably understand that the nicotine in cigarettes is the primary cause of addiction. Being addicted to nicotine makes it tough to quit because your body begins to crave it after a while. Your likely also understand the negative health consequences of smoking, and may have even tried to quit on one or more occasions. One way to ease those dreaded withdrawals of quitting or at least lessen your health risks if you continue to smoke is to reduce your nicotine intake.

Both Psychological and Physical

Cigarettes tend to affect the body both mentally and physically. Folks who start smoking soon become addicted to the "habit" of smoking and holding a cigarette. In about a month or two, they're totally hooked and will often begin to use cigarettes as a crutch for emotional issues or as a time-killer when bored or doing sedentary activities such as reading a newspaper or watching television.

The nicotine in cigarettes affects the physical being of a person. Cigarettes contain substantial amounts of this harmful drug. Nicotine can cause disease such as lung cancer, stroke, heart disease and respiratory diseases. People who smoke are more susceptible to pneumonia and bronchitis. And the more often one smokes, the more nicotine enters the body and strengthens the addition even more. Second-hand smoke is harmful to others around the smoker...especially those who live with a smoker.

Methods of Quitting

There are a number of methods that can be used to quit smoking, and some can be used simultaneously. Maybe you've already tried nicotine patches, nicotine gum, etc. to no avail. Though these can help, they do require quite a bit of effort to continue using them for the long term. An easy way to quit smoking is to reduce the nicotine in your cigarettes. The way nicotine can be reduced is to insert a special cartridge called NicoCut into each pack of cigarettes. The cartridge uses a rare stone to absorb about 80 percent of the nicotine from your cigarettes before smoking them. With this reduction, you will lessen your dependency on cigarettes as well as possible health risks.

This method of nicotine reduction can also help reduce health risks should you still continue to smoke. Perhaps you want to continue because you enjoy the "act" of smoking. Although it's best to quit for good, you can use the cartridge to at least reduce your nicotine intake and the impact of second-hand smoke.

Quit Smoking and Enjoy the Benefits

When trying to quit smoking using the rare stone cartridge or any other method, keep your mind focused on the many benefits. You'll be able to get cheaper rates on health insurance and save on health care due to less smoke-related problems. You'll increase your chances of getting a job. You'll also enjoy days without continual coughing, and your food will taste better too. You'll save thousands of dollars that would have been spent on expensive cigarettes....and imagine never having bad smoker's breath again!

As you can see, reducing the nicotine in your cigarettes has many benefits if you want to quit smoking and now there's an easy, affordable way to do it.

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