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New Nano-Sized Spray Delivers Relief as an Oral Pain Medication

Nano-sized particles have been making the news lately, usually associated with science and computer or electronic technology. But did you know that there is a new nano-sized oral pain relief spray and it has revolutionized oral pain medication. Most people find any kind of pain in the head to be the worst kind, but what if I told you that you didn't have to wait 40 - 90 minutes for those pain pills to start working, but could have almost immediate, long lasting relief? This is just the promise of these new spray pain relief products that are becoming so popular.

What is a Nano-Sized Spray?

The idea of using a spray to treat pain is a bit non-traditional but has many benefits to consider. The spray is a suspension solution created with high shear technology and is done without an oil base and it doesn't contain alcohol. The process of solubilization is quite unique and involves taking organic particles and making them miniature and then suspending them in liquid. The outcome is a pain relief spray that can be applied to the mouth (oral-lingual), topically, and transdermally, which allows almost immediate absorption into the blood stream for fast relief.

Benefits of Using a Spray vs. Pills

There are many benefits to choosing an oral pain medication instead of traditional over the counter pills. The most common benefits include:

* Extremely rapid onset of action
* High and complete absorption of actives
* Convenience of use
* Dispenser fits in a pocket or purse
* Low dosage and toxicity
* Reduced risk and limited contra-indicators
* A minimum of 55 doses in a vial (one ounce)
* No water or liquid is necessary

Using a spray can also be convenient if you have trouble with swallowing pills, you find them hard on your stomach, or you suffer from ulcers and they tend to cause you pain. Although most companies selling these products do not take insurance, you will find the price much lower then you would pay at a pharmacy for the same amount of pills needed to treat your pain.

Pain relief spray can be used for pain other then just oral pain as well. It can be sprayed onto the skin and has been proven to show great relief for things like headaches and pain relief from arthritis. Just 3-4 sprays under the tongue, on the temple, knee or wrist and pain instantly starts to ease away.

Just Do It

If you are looking for fast, long lasting, homeopathic pain relief an oral pain medication might just change your life. By using the newest science in medication you can change the way you think about treating many things that ail you. If you are not satisfied with the spray you'll have a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. You can ease you pain fast and get on with the things that really matter in life.

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