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Want Low Doses of NSAIDs? Oral Pain Medication is the Answer!

You're probably familiar with NSAIDs for pain relief. They're sold over the counter and by prescription NSAIDs are oral pain medications taken in a pill or liquid form to relieve headaches (particularly migraines), neck aches, back pain, arthritis inflammation and muscular aches. Some common names for NSAIDs that you might recognize include ibuprofen, aspirin, oxaprozin, naproxen and celecoxib. Popular brand names for NSAIDs include Motrin, Advil, Daypro, Bayer, Ansaid and Aleve.

The problem with NSAIDs is they are usually taken frequently and in high doses by those who experience chronic pain often. While NSAIDs do relieve pain temporarily, they also carry certain risks for those who take them frequently. Ibuprofen, for instance, can increase the risk of circulation or heart problems as well as cause adverse effects on the digestive system, such as forming a hole or causing bleeding in the digestive tract.

There is good news if you need NSAIDs such as ibuprofen for muscular and back aches, arthritis or headaches. An oral spray pain relief medicine combines the effectiveness of ibuprofen with a special blend of pain-killing herbs to give relief without the high doses of NSAIDs. This is truly a lifesaver for those who need to take ibuprofen often for pain.

How It Works

The oral pain medication is sprayed into the mouth, either on the cheek or tongue. It is then absorbed rapidly into the blood stream to begin working immediately. Oral pain medication spray offers homeopathic pain relief because it is made with special herbs such as feverfew, ginger root and ginko biloba extract. These are blended with a very low dose of ibuprofen, creating a beneficial pain reducer that can be taken as needed without risk of harmful side effects.

Oral spray pain relief medication comes in a spray bottle and sprays out a fine mist into the mouth. No fluids are needed to wash it down, and it can be taken on the go. If you need fast pain relief from arthritis or due to sudden migraines, muscular or back aches, the oral spray medication can easily be carried along like any other medicines.

Buying Tips

Oral spray pain medication is available online and can easily be ordered. Be sure to buy name brand spray and don't fall for cheap imitations. Online scams always seem like a great deal...especially when it comes to buying medicines online. Also, make sure you are not allergic to any of the herbs or ingredients used in the oral spray medicine. If you are taking prescription medications already, consult with your doctor or pharmacists before taking the spray medication, and be sure to explain that the doses of NSAIDs are very low.

Don't allow pain to interfere with your everyday life. Use oral pain medication in spray form to safely combat the pain as soon as it starts!

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