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Improve Your Immune System Health with Olive Leaf Extract

The olive branch is mentioned as early as the biblical story of Noah and the Ark, yet its relevance to our lives is just as potent today. Only nowadays, the olive leaf's significance lies in its remarkable health benefits. The olive leaf has long been a food staple in many cultures of the Mediterranean. These cultures typically enjoy a low rate of cancers, heart disease and viruses. Why? Perhaps because the olive leaf plays such a vital role in Mediterranean food preparation. Even olive oil is highly recommended as an alternative to vegetable oil and animal fats in healthy cooking recipes.

One of the key benefits enjoyed by consuming a regular dose of olive leaf extract is it boosts the body's immunity. It works at the cellular level to strengthen the body's response to bad bacteria. Olive leaf contains oleuropein, which is a powerful natural antibiotic. The difference in this antibiotic and most prescribed, chemically based antibiotics is olive leaf provides a strengthened immune system without building up immune resistance. It provides a natural solution to a common problem.

Benefits of a Strong Immune System

Better immunity means a better you. The immune system contributes to your body's good health in so many different ways. There are three layers of defense that make up your immune system. The first is the outward layer - skin and mucous membranes. These act as a physical, outward barrier. The next layer is your innate system, which responds to viruses or bacteria in a short-term, non-specific manner. The third and most powerful layer is your immune system's adaptive response. This is the layer in which the white blood cells (or lymphocytes) launch a specific attack on pathogens that can do harm to your body.

When you realize how helpful and powerful your immune system really is, it's natural to want to do everything within your power to strengthen it! In it lies the key to warding off many sicknesses, whether they are minor or major.

Olive leaf extract products provide an effective way to boost immunity naturally. Olive leaf extract strengthens your immune system so it can better protect your body from bacteria, microbes, toxins, parasites and viruses. The olive leaf's antimicrobial properties have been known for about 6,000 years in the Mediterranean region. Even ancient Egyptians used olive oil extract for mummification, which preserved the bodies from deterioration due to microbes.

Other benefits of olive leaf extract include lower blood pressure, blood sugar control, better heart health and increased energy.

How to Buy Online

When buying online, look for olive leaf extract products in their purest form, with little or no fillers or animal products/by-products. Buy from companies that offer extensive research on their products, and with a good reputation in customer service. Some high quality brands to consider are d-Lenolate, Indium Energy, Flu-Ban and Bazucar by a company called East Park Research. This company specializes in olive leaf extract research and products, and also offers high quality natural health care whole food meals, anti-aging products, and skin and beauty products.

Start winning the battles against sickness and disease with improved immunity. Olive leaf extract products can help!

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