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Laser Therapy: 5 Benefits of Natural Hair Growth

If you've been contemplating natural hair growth with laser therapy to combat your hair loss, then you should understand the benefits of this process. Laser therapy to grow hair is quickly becoming a popular solution for hair growth. Professional clinics such as American Hair Growth Centers offer natural hair growth laser therapy in Chicago and other major cities so men and women who suffer from hair loss can have a place to get help. Let's consider five major benefits of laser therapy for hair loss to see if it's a procedure you'd like to try.

1. A Great Alternative to Wigs, Toupees and Implants

Wigs and toupees may look fine, and many resemble real hair or are even made of real hair, but they're not very comfortable for the long term. They can cause aggravation...just another task in getting ready each morning. Wigs can be especially hot and itchy, and cause sweating underneath the wig. Implants are an option, but can be quite expensive and are certainly not better than the real thing. Laser therapy offers the opportunity to avoid these solutions and possibly grow your real hair back as normal.

2. No Side Effects

Whether you realize new hair growth or not through laser therapy treatments, there are no side effects. It is an all-natural process using cold laser treatments, which penetrate the skin on your scalp without heat or damage. Note: Be sure to choose a professional clinic with proven technology and high quality lasers to ensure the best results. For instance, American Hair Growth Centers in Chicago, IL has board-certified physicians on the team of advisors. This ensures the best possible care and results for each patient's unique situation.

3. Rule Out Other Health Problems

At a professional clinic, the medical advisors will rule out other health issues that could be causing hair loss. This will provide peace of mind that you are not merely treating the symptoms of a more serious health issue. This can very well happen when using over-the-counter hair loss products without seeing a doctor.

4. Opportunity to Perform Laser Therapy Treatments at Home

Though a clinic may require you to come in for an initial consultation, you might be able to perform laser therapy treatments at home. This works great if you're on a tight budget and/or schedule but still want to try laser therapy. You can still visit or call your medical advisor if you have questions or problems.

5. Enjoy the Fringe Benefits

Indirect benefits of laser therapy will come as you follow other treatment recommendations. Most professional clinics will use a variety of methods in addition to laser therapy to combat thinning hair, such as changes in diet, increased exercise, nutritional supplements, massage therapy and detoxification. These provide more than hair growth, but can also improve your overall health. Won't it be wonderful to be healthier, skinnier, more energetic -AND- have a head full of hair once again?

Consider these benefits of natural hair growth laser therapy in Chicago or wherever you live. Seek advice from a local clinic such as American Hair Growth Centers in Chicago to find out if this option is viable for you.

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