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Natural Hair Growth with Laser Therapy: Facts You Need to Know

Natural hair growth laser therapy may be an option if you've experienced thinning hair or even almost total hair loss. But before you rush to the nearest laser therapy clinic, there are some facts you should know about laser therapy for hair growth. They will help familiarize you with the process and provide you with realistic expectations.

Hair Loss Happens for a Variety of Reasons

First, the reason for your hair loss must be determined. If it's a health issue, then this issue must be addressed before you move forward with laser therapy. Thinning hair or hair loss can be caused by a number of conditions, including poor nutrition, diabetes, lupus, cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation, hormonal imbalances, and scalp infections such as ringworm. Also be aware that some chemicals used on hair for tinting, bleaching, dying, permanents or straightening can cause damage to the hair and result in hair thinning. There are also some medications that can cause hair thinning or hair loss, such as those used to treat high blood pressure, gout, heart disease or depression.

Laser Therapy Isn't a Cure-All Treatment

Once the cause of your hair loss has been determined, laser therapy may or may not be used as the treatment. It's important to visit a laser therapy clinic that has trained physicians on staff to determine if you're a candidate for laser therapy hair treatment. This type of treatment works well in certain conditions, but not for all cases. Professional clinics such as American Hair Growth Centers (Chicago, IL) can help from start to finish to determine if laser therapy will work for your hair loss situation and how to administer treatments. This clinic doesn't take on every patient, but uses medical and clinical procedures including scalp analysis to determine who will likely benefit from laser therapy treatment.

You Might be Required to Take Other Measures for Hair Growth

Laser therapy is just one of the ways clinics can help you re-grow your hair. It is not a stand-alone treatment in many cases. Natural hair growth with laser therapy is often combined with other natural methods such as a change in diet, scalp massage and detoxification, special shampoos, all-natural prescriptions and/or supplements, and an exercise program. Your goal is to use all means necessary to produce a healthy, internal environment within your body that will encourage healthy hair growth. This takes time and effort, but having a full head of hair will be well worth it!

Timing is Everything

You should also know that the longer the hair loss goes on, the less likely laser therapy will help. If you've had the problem for more than three years, try to keep your expectations low. This isn't to say that laser therapy won't work, but it's more likely to work if you start early on when you first notice thinning hair. If you've been contemplating laser therapy, then the time to act is now.

If you want to find a laser therapy hair growth clinic near you, use searches online with keywords specific to your area, such as "natural hair growth laser therapy Chicago" or "Chicago laser therapy clinic for hair loss." You can find plenty of helpful information online about laser therapy. This can help you decide whether or not to take the next step!

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