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Laser Therapy for Hair Loss: When and Why it Works

If you suffer from hair loss, you know that it's a condition that can undermine your self-confidence and affect many aspects of your life. If you are considering laser therapy as a solution, you might be wondering if this method works for everyone. The success of laser therapy or any hair loss solution actually depends on a number of factors. And with about four million Americans suffering from hair loss including men, women and sometimes children, the results can vary a great deal.

One determining factor is how long you have been experiencing hair loss. If you've been noticing hair loss for seven or more years, you might not see results because the follicles have been dormant for so long and may have been reabsorbed into the body. If you've been experiencing hair loss for less than three years, you'll have the best chance for positive results from laser therapy for hair growth. Results for any time length in between can vary a great deal among persons. Also, keep in mind that if underlying health issues are causing your hair loss, you might not see results at all, or any positive results might not be permanent. It's important to rule out other possible health issues with your doctor if you suspect this could be causing hair loss.

Some who try laser therapy and other hair loss treatments do experience new hair growth and healthier, thicker existing hair. Some experience just a thickening and fullness (restoration) of their remaining hair. Others experience a stabilization of their hair loss condition, meaning they are no longer losing hair. And unfortunately, some experience no change whatsoever.

To maximize your probability for success, you should get help at a professional hair growth center if possible. One example of such a place is the American Hair Growth Center based in Chicago. Centers such as this focus on laser therapy for hair loss, but also use a combination of all-natural solutions and products to help patients see long-term positive results.

Other methods may include chemical-free hair care formulas, which encourage hair growth naturally without damaging the scalp. These formulas consist of shampoo, cleanser and conditioner that are formulated to deliver nutrition to the scalp and stimulate blood flow. A company may also use scalp detoxification and massage to rid the scalp of existing chemicals and DHT (Dihydrotestesterone) that may hinder hair growth or cause hair loss. Compounded prescriptions may be prescribed to increase cell turnover and hair density as well as decrease the bacteria and fungus that can cause future hair loss. Programs such as the one at American Hair Growth Center may also include a diet regime and exercise program along with digestive detoxification to help improve a person's overall health. Having good overall health and lowering the amount of DHT in the body through diet can help you reach your hair growth goals during and after laser therapy treatment. Regular exercise can help the body relieve stress and increase blood circulation and flow to the hair follicles.

All these steps working together highly increase your opportunity to see new hair growing soon and to improve the look and feel of your remaining hair. Use search keywords to find a laser therapy program near you, such as "hair loss Chicago" or "hair growth program with laser therapy." American Hair Growth Centers and similar companies can help you determine if laser therapy for hair loss is right for you.

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