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Hypnosis Can Reduce Stress without Medications

These days it seems everyone is stressed about something. Whether it's the daily pressures of life in general or a major life-changing event such as divorce, death of a family member or a medical injury, some people can cope better than others. Certainly, the financial crisis has many people feeling unprecedented levels of stress. If you're experiencing a stressful time in your life and want to seek relief without medications, hypnosis might be the right option for you.

Hypnosis aims to train the subconscious mind to relax and think things through instead of always being anxious and impatient. Stress can be caused by any number of things, but typically people who become stressed easily can be triggered by many happenings or feelings throughout the day. Being worrisome is part of their personality and very difficult to overcome. Through hypnosis, a person that tends to become stressed very quickly can change bad habits and overcome the constant stress being experienced.

Symptoms of Stress

Stress reveals itself in many forms. The symptoms can vary from one person to the next. Some of the most common symptoms include stomach/digestive problems, irritability, low self esteem, sweating and dizziness, trouble with breathing, headaches, bladder problems, dry mouth, tension in the muscles, sexual problems, tingling in the hands, legs or feet, and uncontrollable temper. One should also monitor eating habits as well as any addictions that may develop (drugs, smoking or alcohol).

How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

A hypnotherapist will use hypnosis to gain access to the patient's subconscious. Once this has been achieved, the hypnotist will utilize various therapies to help the mind change its pattern of thinking and ultimately the person's behavior patterns. Through hypnosis, one can learn to overcome stressful feelings and work through problems rationally as they arise. If the subconscious mind is prepared for problems and already knows how to react, it's much easier to avoid stress throughout the day.

*Example: Let's say you usually get stressed every time "bill payment day" arrives. You worry about how all the bills will be paid and how you will ever catch up on finances. Perhaps you've experienced several months of low finances already, and the stress is making things worse. Through hypnotherapy sessions, your thought process will change, and you'll be prepared for "bill day" each month. Instead of worrying about how the bills will be paid, you can think about possible solutions and act on your ideas. You'll realize that it's not the end of the world if a bill doesn't get paid on time. After all, what's the worst thing that can happen? There are more important things in life!

Hypnosis can potentially help you overcome fears and phobias, quit smoking, gain self-confidence, lose weight and more. Many people go for "stop smoking" programs because these are heavily advertised; however, don't miss out on other important opportunities through hypnosis. It's a great way to overcome any of life's obstacles without turning to anti-depressants and other mind-altering drugs.

If you're ready to reduce stress through hypnotism, do some research online to learn more. Find a professional, licensed hypnotist near you by doing a simple online search. Type in specific locations (e.g. South Shields, North Shields, Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle Upon Tyne, or Sunderland). You'll never regret trying hypnosis for stress relief....there's nothing to lose except all that worry that's been plaguing you for years!

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