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Convenient, Cheap, Confidential and Certified: Genuine Pills

Unfortunately, health insurances and access to affordable health care are elusive for tens of thousands of Americans. Although it may seem like there are few options when it comes to affordable care and affordable prescriptions, sites like the genuine pills are changing all that. What if you could have a doctor's consolation and get a prescription without ever having to leave your house? It can be convenient and cheap to buy medications from online pharmacies and receive high quality genuine medication. No matter if you have a common cold, an ulcer or women's health issues, you can receive the services you need with an online pharmacy.


No more Dr's appointments, no more dropping off the prescription and then returning in an hour to get it, no more paying high prices for the name brands. At thegenuinepills site you will first fill out an online questionnaire form that will be sent to a staff doctor. The doctor will review your file, contact you if needed, and prescribe a medication to fit your needs; you can even have your medication delivered right to your door. If you need to talk to a doctor you can call 24/7 and speak to a professional. They also have live chat and email as well.


In addition to the cost of the doctor and the prescription, the entire ordeal of going to the doctor is expensive and a usually takes a lot of time. After you take time off work, spend the gas to drive there, and maybe even pay for parking, you sit and wait. And wait. And wait. But by shopping for your medications online you can use a reliable pharmacy, get a free consultation and genuine pills for much less and with none of the hassle and running around.


Confidentiality is a big concern when talking with your physician regarding certain topics. Have you been too embarrassed to ask a question you really wanted to know the answer to? Contacting the online pharmacy allows you avoid that face-to-face conversation about hair loss or erectile dysfunction, yet you can still get treatment. If you are embarrassed about ordering that anti viral medication they can also put it in a discreet packing box so that when delivered no one will know what it is.


It is very important to know that the medications that you order online are genuine. Many medications like those for weight loss or antibacterial medications can be very harmful if counterfeit. Make sure your place of purchase guarantees things like lot numbers and manufacture's hologram stickers. Counterfeit does not mean generic, generic medicines have the same ingredients and are made and tested under the same standards as name brands - counterfeits are not.

There are many good reasons to use online pharmacies. Health care and affordable prescriptions do not have to be just for those who can afford the high price of health insurance. You can use the genuine pills to consult a doctor and get genuine medication at a price that will fit all budgets and incomes.

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