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Genuine Pills and Online Pharmacies: How to Tell the Best from the Rest

Ordering medications online is becoming increasingly popular, especially since fewer people have prescription insurance coverage. In fact, some online pharmacies do even more than just sell genuine pills at affordable prices. Pharmacies also offer consultations with real doctors and pharmacists so you can get a prescription written without ever stepping foot in the doctor's office.

Ordering online is an innovative and timesaving way to get the medicines you need while saving on each prescription. You can get various types of medications online, such as anti viral, antibacterial, women's health medicine, weight loss pills, hair loss medicine, etc. without ever leaving your home.

Now for the do you know that the online pharmacy is really selling genuine pills? How do you avoid numerous "pharmacy" scams that are circulating the Web today? Keep in mind that just because there are scams online, this doesn't mean that all online pharmacies are bad or dishonest. It just means you'll need to be extremely careful before picking one for your medicine.

Tips to Buy Genuine Pills:

1. Never respond to spam e-mails for online pharmacies.

2. Ask for referrals from friends, relatives or co-workers. Or, browse online forums for suggestions from other Web users.

3. Check for licensing of the doctors and pharmacists with any site. No matter which country they're from, they should have legal licensing within their country.

4. Read all information provided at the pharmacy's site, especially ordering terms and policies about privacy (to protect your personal information).

5. Check for hidden fees. Some will charge hidden fees that can drive up the cost of your medications. Also, be sure your own country doesn't charge extra duty taxes.

6. After receiving your order, check the packaging and labels for manufacturer's stickers (holograms), lot numbers, etc. to ensure they are genuine pills.

7. Be sure to visit your doctor if you have a serious condition and need special tests or treatment.

So, Why Bother with Online Prescriptions?

Ordering prescriptions online can save you time and money. You can enjoy savings because online pharmacies carry much less overhead than local pharmacies. You can save time by ordering online instead of visiting the doctor to get an initial prescription or refill. Using an online pharmacy is convenient if you take pills that must be refilled monthly, such as weight loss pills or women's health pills. It's also great if you live far from the next town and want to save time and fuel.

If you are disabled or bed-stricken, then ordering online provides an easy way to get medications delivered to your doorstep. You can also remain discreet when ordering pills for not-so-pleasant conditions, such as erectile dysfunction.

Use the tips above to make sure you are ordering genuine pills from a reliable pharmacy. You might be a bit nervous when first ordering, but don't worry too much. You'll soon be getting all your medications with confidence and realize how easy and convenient it really is for everyone!

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