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Can You Stop Depression With Natural Cures?

In a nutshell, yes. Depression is a debilitating disease that plagues many people across the globe. And as far as traditional medicine is concerned, the only answer is antidepressants, which have all sorts of unwanted side effects. They can make you suicidal, homicidal and cause seizures, raise the risk of heart disease in men, among other serious issues. Luckily, you don't have to resort to those harsh chemicals. There are some natural cures that show great promise when it comes to healing depression. Here are a few.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

William Duffy wrote a book called The Sugar Blues that argues that if you eliminate sugar from your diet, you can drastically impact your mental health for the better. He says that sugars, particularly fructose, creates too much insulin in your body, which will lead to hypoglycemia. That causes your brain to secrete glutamate, which will cause depression, along with other mood disorders and unwanted behaviors. In the book, Duffy also argues that grains should be eliminated as well in order to stop the insulin production in your body.

Get Enough Fat

In recent years, certain types of healthy fats have come back into favor among those who look to food as nutrition. And a deficiency in omega-3 fats can lead to depression. That's because the brain is made up of 60 percent fats, and it's the omega-3 fat. If you suffer from depression, you should take an omega-3 vitamin everyday in order to give your brain the fat it needs. Many experts believe that krill oil is the best source of this fat.

Get Your Sleep

Sleep is critical for good mental health, and when someone is depressed, sleep often eludes them. That's why it's important to do all you can to get a good night's sleep. Essential Oil of Lavender is known for promoting calm and even sleep. Making a lavender sachet and putting it under your pillow may be all you need to get some Zs. Another great natural cure is a tincture of passion flower. There are no known side effects to this flower essence, and many people get relief from it that haven't been able to with anything else. The typical dose is between 10-40 drops, depending on your weight.

Get Your Vitamins

There are two vitamin deficiencies that have been linked to depression. A shortage of vitamin B12 and of vitamin D can both lead to a person becoming depressed. Studies have shown that a vitamin B12 deficiency causes depression in 1 out of 4 people, and those who have a vitamin D deficiency are 11 times more likely to suffer from depression. Sunshine is the best source of vitamin D because it's not as easily absorbed in pill form. Vitamin B12 can easily be taken by supplement which you can find in any health food store.

You don't have to live with depression. It's estimated that thousands of people die every year from antidepressants, so it makes sense to look for natural remedies for your depression. Try those listed above and take back control of your life.

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