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The Importance of Essential Fatty Acids and How Alternative Health Products Can Help

Essential fatty acids are needed by the body to not only produce cell membranes, but also to promote hormone health. They're critical to your well-being. There are two types of essential fatty acids-linoleic and linolenic. Linoleic is also known as omega-6 fatty acid, and linolenic is called omega-3 fatty acid. These are not produced naturally in the body. Therefore, both types must be consumed through foods and/or alternative health products such as nutritional supplements.

Health Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids

Your body needs a certain amount of "good fat" daily to function properly. The health benefits of consuming plenty of essential fatty acids include improved blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, a healthy digestive tract, body temperature regulation, and good heart and kidney health. Essential fatty acids also help with blood clotting, hormones and allergies. The risk of blood clots can be reduced thanks to the blood-thinning properties of essential fatty acids. This reduces risk of stroke and heart attack.

Anti-inflammatory properties can help relieve some symptoms of autoimmune diseases as well as arthritis. On the flipside, when the body is lacking in essential fatty acids, the skin may become extremely dry, causing eczema, dandruff, brittle, dry hair, etc.

Consuming Foods Rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fatty Acid

It's good to know which foods are rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid so you can add these to your daily diet. Foods containing the most omega-3 fatty acids include flaxseed oil, fish oil (from salmon, tuna, sardine, cod liver, and others), chia seeds, certain cereals, walnuts, butternuts and oregano spice. Foods that are rich in omega-6 fatty acids include vegetable safflower oil and soybean oil, turkey, mayonnaise, salad dressing, margarine, pork (cured), sunflower seeds, walnuts, and roast chicken.

Alternative Health Products with Essential Fatty Acids

You can also supplement your diet with certain herbs and nutritional supplements if you feel your body is lacking in essential fatty acids. One supplement to consider is the Essential Fatty Acid Complex, which contains polyunsaturated fatty acids derived from borage, sunflower, safflower, virgin olive oils, sesame, black currant seed and natural lecithin. This comes in liquid form so it's easy to consume on a daily basis.

There are also single supplements such as Flaxseed Oil, MaxEPA, NKO Krill Oil, Eskimo-3 Fish Oil, Borage Oil GLA-240 and Evening Primrose Oil (Efamol).

Nutritional supplements containing essential fatty acids can easily be purchased online at affordable rates. You can refill as needed and keep your body running efficiently with the "good fat" it needs. Many herb stores online carry numerous alternative health products, including amino acid supplements, gastrointestinal supplements, protein powders, minerals, vitamins and other natural remedies. Don't go another day without giving your body the essential fatty acids it needs!

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