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Take Alternative Health Products Like Fiber Formula for Safe Gastrointestinal Support

If you suffer with stomach problems, then alternative health products such as Tyler Fiber Formula might be able to help. Stomach issues are no fun. They interfere with everyday living, and prevent proper digestion. If left unchecked, stomach and digestive problems can lead to other health complications such as a swollen abdomen, sudden weight gain or loss, constipation and diarrhea, and a host of other issues. Yet traditional medicine often offers few options.

Perhaps you've already seen a doctor but have found no remedy for your stomach issues. It can be difficult to find the underlying causes...even with extensive testing. Some patients are told that stress is the major cause of their stomach problems. Some are diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), a common stomach condition for which there is no single cure. But no matter what the cause, many sufferers are turning to alternative health products like Tyler Fiber Formula to improve intestinal and colon health.

About Tyler Fiber Formula

Tyler Fiber Formula uses a balanced blend of natural intestinal absorbents and dietary fiber to gently support the intestines and colon. It also has botanical extracts that are completely safe for most sufferers with stomach issues. Tyler Fiber Formula contains healthy amounts of psyllium hull powder (2000 mg or 2 g), oat bran powder (1000 mg or 1 g), bentonite powder (500 mg), bromelain (50 mg) and papain (50 mg). Other ingredients include guar gum, plum fruit, marshmallow root, ginger root, cranesbill root, goldenseal root, echinacea purpurea extract, and E. angustifolia extract.

What about Sensitivities?

For those with allergies, there's good news! Tyler Fiber Formula does not contain yeast, milk, soy or corn. It is also well tolerated by individuals with a highly sensitive stomach. It is designed to gently balance the digestive system, with natural ingredients and has no known side effects.

How Does It Work?

Tyler Fiber Formula uses a combination of stomach-friendly ingredients to help get your digestive system back on the right track. Fiber is used to help control both constipation and diarrhea. Psyllium, for instance, swells when taken with water. It forms a jelly-like, bulky substance that can absorb large amounts of hardened fecal matter. The substance still maintains its lubricating nature so it can easily be passed from the body. Bromelain is a single plant enzyme that can help maintain a healthy digestive tract, reduce minor inflammation, improve blood flow, and provide a number of other beneficial functions.

Tyler Fiber Formula also contains clay that can draw toxins from the intestines. It has soothing herbs, enzymes and acidophilus....all of which enhance the digestion process.

If you have ongoing digestive issues, use the Web to research this fine alternative health product. It is sold at websites that offer numerous nutritional supplements and natural remedies, amino acid supplements, and other great products. Why continue to suffer when you can start getting relief today?

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