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Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Steve Bennis and Hair Loss

Steve Bennis exemplifies Plato's philosophy. After all, it was the Greek philosopher who said, "Necessity is the mother of invention."

All too often, people find a solution or a workaround for a problem or challenge, and leave it at that. In Steve Bennis' case, the solution to his personal hair loss has become a godsend to those suffering a similar fate.

There are a variety of reasons why people experience hair loss. These include both hereditary factors and lifestyle issues. While those who have hair loss are not a homogeneous group, many people who may have a genetic predisposition to losing hair find that it's exacerbated when they're under stress.

This was the case for Steve Bennis. Juggling three jobs while putting himself through school, Bennis discovered that he was losing hair at an alarming rate. Although many of his male relatives were also suffering from hair loss, Bennis decided that the options available to treat the condition were less than ideal. Special shampoos didn't work; Rogaine was largely ineffective; and wearing a toupee was unthinkable. To Bennis, a surgical solution was anything but; rather, he considered surgery to be exorbitantly expensive and only marginally effective. He was convinced that hair loss surgery didn't address the proverbial root of the problem, and that it was only a matter of time before the transplanted hair would fall out.

Instead, Steve Bennis took the road less travelled, burying himself in hair loss research in order to tease out the factors that impact hair loss and hair growth. What he discovered not only helped him to re-grow his own hair, but also led him to launch the American Hair Growth Centers and Natural Hair Growth Institute, as well as to develop a line of Quantum Hair Sciences hair products. On many occasions, Bennis has noted that close to 50 percent of Americans experience hair loss, and that he knows from personal experience how hair loss can negatively impact a person's self-esteem. Indeed, Bennis felt that, despite achieving multiple degrees in engineering and business administration, life wasn't worth living without hair.

From that well of understanding arose a powerful system for hair re-growth that Bennis has shared with his clients and with the world. A unique combination of low level laser light therapy and massage therapy stimulates blood flow to the scalp, resulting in more nutrients and oxygen being delivered to the hair follicles. A nutritional plan that emphasizes alternatives to red meat lowers levels of DHT, a hormone that inhibits hair growth. A vitamin regimen and exercise plan augments the other components of Bennis' program, resulting in exceptional hair growth for people who have experienced the pain and hopelessness of hair loss.

While people often find workarounds and solutions to their own personal challenges, it's rare that they then share their solutions with others. Steve Bennis may have developed his seven-step program in response to his own hair loss, but in launching his Chicago-based businesses and product line, he has helped thousands of satisfied clients overcome the devastation of hair loss and emerge empowered, inspired, and confident.

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