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Many Professional Athletes Discover Stemulite's Sports Fitness Benefits

If you're a sports fan, you know that many successful sports figures use some sort of fitness supplement to improve their game. Steroids have been a source of controversy for years, but now there are hundreds of other sports supplements that athletes can use legally to build muscle and enhance performance. Stemulite is one such product, and its sports fitness benefits have caught the attention of many athletes in recent days. The best news is that, although Stemulite can help professional athletes, it can also help fitness buffs and those who play sports for fun.

What exactly is Stemulite?

It is a unique fitness supplement that recruits adult stem cells in the body, enabling faster muscle repair and a host of other benefits. Stemulite was co-developed by Dr. David Summers and is manufactured by a company in Florida called Metabolic Research Company. Stemulite is available in a men's and women's product, each with a daytime and nighttime formula so users can enjoy sports fitness.

Unlike many fitness supplements, Stemulite boasts all natural ingredients such as betaglucan, SerraPeptase, quercetin, eggplant extract, lipoic acid, acetyl L-carnitine, indium and Mexican yam extract (in the women's product only). It also has melatonin in the nighttime formula to help users enjoy better sleep at night. Those who are allergic to mushrooms should not take Stemulite.

Notable Benefits for Pro Athletes

Those who play sports such as football, baseball, hockey, etc. often have to push their bodies to the limit in order to stay fit and healthy for their game. Even the off-season involves much fitness training and practice to stay fit for the upcoming game season. Players sometimes find it difficult to work out due to muscle soreness and the lack of sleep it causes, hectic time schedules, and frequent travel. The sports fitness provided by Stemulite gives athletes the extra "get up and go" they need to not only play their best, but to stay in shape in between playing seasons. Stemulite is endorsed by players in the NFL, MLB and NBA as well as many well-known body builders and fitness trainers.

Stemulite's sports fitness is achieved by taking a daytime and nighttime formula. The daytime formula gives energy and increased strength for daily workouts. The all-natural ingredients are combined to help build muscles without temporary muscle inflation, which is caused by many sports supplements on the market.

Athletes such as football pro Corey Maggette realize the long-term sports fitness benefits of Stemulite and stand by the supplement 100 percent. As a player for the Golden State Warriors, Corey has been taking Stemulite for about a year. He states, "After I took it (Stemulite), I was amazed at how much different I felt. I was sleeping sounder, had more energy during the day and greater endurance. Playing professional basketball, your body takes a beating. Stemulite helps me get through the grueling practices and ready for game day. I'm not paid to put my name behind Stemulite, I do it because it really works."

Pro baseball player Adam Fox is another Stemulite fan. He plays for the Washington Nationals. Adam states, "I wanted to say thank you to Stemulite for providing some help to me this past year. I had a Breakout season, best of my career, between AA Frisco and AAA Oklahoma City. I decided to try the Stemulite Fitness Formula and was very satisfied with the results I got. Increased energy and focus were the two most desired elements I wanted and Stemulite delivered. I started to take the product in June of 2009 and beginning on the 4th of July."

Some players in the MLB use Stemulite to help maintain weight during the season. This is a common problem due to the length of the season and the extensive travel. Taking Stemulite helps them improve stamina while keeping their weight at the required range without the need for chemically based fitness supplements.

While many sports supplements promise only short-term energy and muscle strength, Stemulite offers prolonged endurance, better sleep, a clear mind, and fast muscle tissue repair. These benefits are enjoyed by players across the U.S. without worry of harmful side effects. Stemulite gives them what they need during the day and provides healing and sound sleep each night despite a hard day's workout or hours of strenuous training. Even if you're not an athlete, Stemulite can provide sports fitness for your everyday or play!

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