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Stemulite Provides Sports Fitness!

It's disappointing to learn that many professional athletes have desperately turned to steroids to improve their game. And while steroids do temporarily inflate the muscles, the harmful side effects such as mood swings, diabetes, sudden rage and aggression make this a dangerous drug to play around with. Fortunately, there's a safe alternative to steroids that is receiving raving reviews from a number of all-star athletes, including NFL players, hockey players and MLB players. It's called Stemulite, a natural sports supplement that promises sports fitness benefits without harmful side effects. Such a supplement can dramatically improve your game - whether it's softball or professional hockey.

When NFL or MLB players (or anyone that must push their bodies and muscles daily) train and play the game, the ligaments and muscles suffer "micro tears" that create soreness. Stemulite contains a special muscle-building component, eggplant extract, which is a natural adult stem cell agonist. Eggplant extract recruits the dormant adult stem cells from the athlete's bone marrow, which in turn repair and build new muscle. Unlike steroids, this forms new muscle instead of merely enlarging existing muscle.

How is Sports Fitness Achieved?

Stemulite doesn't give a temporary boost for only several hours like many fitness supplements do. Instead, it is taken in a daytime and nighttime formula (one pill every 12 hours) to provide sports fitness. The daytime formula enhances performance, boosts energy and helps to maximize workout endurance. The nighttime formula enables the user to enjoy deep, restful sleep and also equips the body to properly heal from tough workouts, so the person wakes up feeling refreshed and renewed.

Corey Simpson, former Mr. Florida and now professional trainer for NFL, MLB and boxers, participated in initial trials for Stemulite. Here are his remarks, "Stemulite is the most powerful supplement I have ever put into my body, period. In the first couple of weeks of using Stemulite, I increased the weight I was lifting by 30 percent and I doubled the amount of repetitions in my workout. It was a little hard to believe. Within weeks, my muscle definition changed and I dropped excess water weight. In addition, Stemulite has also given me a great and deeper sleep, which is so important for recuperation. I just feel better than ever and have so much more endurance and energy."

Corey and Paul Simpson worked with 20 athletes during a Stemulite trial. The athletes added Stemulite to their diet, but did not change their normal daily routine. The results were amazing. Some of the benefits experienced were higher sustained energy levels, better sleep, recovery time reduced, increase in strength and endurance, decrease in BMI (body mass index) and improved muscle definition.

During NFL, NBA and MLB training seasons, players definitely need energy and stamina to keep their bodies in gear for strenuous workouts and long training periods. Stemulite offers the stamina and 24-hour fitness benefits needed to endure. It's a great alternative to steroids and other chemically-based drugs, and has no known harmful side effects. Stemulite contains beneficial ingredients such as Lipoic Acid, SerraPeptase, Quercetin, eggplant extract, Indium, Betaglucan and Acetyl L-Carnitine. The nighttime solution contains melatonin, and the ladies' formula has Mexican yam extract.

Adam Fox, Pro Baseball Player with the Washington Nationals has also tried Stemulite with great success. He states, "I wanted to say thank you to Stemulite for providing some help to me this past year. I had a Breakout season, best of my career, between AA Frisco and AAA Oklahoma City. I decided to try the Stemulite Fitness Formula and was very satisfied with the results I got. Increased energy and focus were the two most desired elements I wanted, and Stemulite delivered. I started to take the product in June of 2009 and beginning on the 4th of July."

Whether you're an athlete, bodybuilder, weight trainer or just someone who craves more energy on a daily basis, Stemulite is definitely worth a try. Research this product online to learn more about its ingredients and benefits. Keep in mind that there are separate formulas for men and women, and each order comes with a daytime and nighttime dose. Stemulite can help you achieve sports fitness the natural, safe way!

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