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Supplement Your Immune System with New Chapter Supplements

It's that time of year again. The change in weather is notorious for bringing out the sniffles, the sneezes, the aches and the general blahs in just about everyone. As the days get shorter and colder, your body can use a little help staying healthy through the gloomy dark days, but standard pharmaceutical vitamins and nutritional supplements won't provide you with everything you need. For that, you need to start a New Chapter in your life, with New Chapter vitamins and nutritional supplements that will support your immune system and provide your body with real nutrition for real results.

The New Chapter Difference

Most dietary supplements and immune system boosters are made with fractionated vitamins and ingredients - which is exactly what it sounds like. The extracts and compounds are created in a lab, often by smashing molecules and pulling out specific chemicals and compounds.

That would be fine, if our bodies were meant to use fractionated foods. But they're not. Our bodies are designed to extract those nutrients from whole foods. More and more, medical scientists are learning that our bodies actually need all those "extra" ingredients that get thrown away when our vitamins are pre-processed or concocted in a laboratory.

New Chapter is different. Unlike other nutritional supplements and vitamins that are put together in a laboratory, New Chapter vitamins and New Chapter supplements are actual real, whole foods. New Chapter cultures whole foods that are more potent, bioavailable and safer than synthetic vitamins and vitamin isolates. In short, New Chapter supplements are actual whole foods, cultured on probiotics that are gentle on your stomach and highly available for your body to use.

Whole Food Supplements

New Chapter vitamins are specially formulated to provide the vitamins and minerals needed by different bodies at different stages of life. New Chapter organic vitamin choices include Every Man vitamin, Every Woman vitamin and Perfect Prenatal vitamins, as well as Every Man and Every Woman 40+ vitamins for older adults. In addition, New Chapter offers a range of targeted vitamins and nutrients to provide specific food complex vitamins to help you deal with stress, inflammation (the Zyflamend line), bone strength, high blood pressure and digestive troubles.

Immune System LifeShield Mushrooms

New Chapter LifeShield Mushrooms are specifically created to help support your immune system, but they offer so much more than immune system support. In addition to a general immunity formulation, you can also increase your stamina and vitality with LifeShield Mushrooms Reishi or Cordyceps, and improve your lung and liver function with LifeShield Breathe or LifeShield Liver Force. Life Shield Mind Force includes a full complement of six distinct mushroom species that promote natural brain function and protect against memory loss and other consequences of age and our toxic environment.

Probiotic Immune System Supplements

New Chapter offers a range of immune boosting probiotic supplements to help you stay healthy and maintain your vitality throughout the winter. Don't give in to the doom and gloom of shorter days and cold weather. Give your immune system a boost with help from New Chapter whole food organic vitamins and supplements.

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