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A New Chapter for Women's Wellness Support

Over the past decade or so, there's been a growing recognition that women have different nutritional needs than men, but the medical field is slow in adjusting their recommendations and prescriptions to that reality. The nutriceutical industry, companies who make nutritional supplements for wellness support, have been much quicker and more efficient at recognizing and taking up the challenge of supplying products meant to support women's wellness in natural, holistic ways. Specifically, companies like New Chapter, which makes whole food, organic and probiotic vitamins and supplements, has carefully formulated a full line of nutritional supplements and therapeutic herbal products to help women reach their full potential in health and wellness. Their women's wellness products each serve the specific needs of women, from general nutritional health to support for specific health issues.

Every Woman

At the base of the New Chapter nutriceutical line for women are the various formulations of Every Woman vitamin supplements. There are seven different formulations, in recognition that women have different needs at different stages in their lives, and when meeting specific health challenges.

Every Woman vitamin is a whole food multivitamin formulated to support active women before the age of 40. The two-a-day tablets include a blend of herbs and cultured macrobiotics specifically designed to promote energy and combat stress.
Every Woman II is a whole food vitamin product that includes organic herbs, complex vitamins and minerals that work together to provide specific benefits to women over 40. They include b-vitamin foods to support eye and heart health, and cruciferous vegetables to support breast and hormone health. The three-a-day formula is easy to take and easy to digest.

Every Woman vitamins are also available in one-a-day versions, and to support specific needs, such as iron support and support for bone health.


Among the most common ailments affecting women are chronic inflammatory diseases and conditions. New Chapter Zyflamend is specially formulated to help reduce inflammation and support various parts of the immune and other bodily systems. The Zyflamend family of nutriceuticals include formulations designed to support the whole body, the heart, breast and prostate health. Zyflamend Breast is a blend of herbs and superfoods designed to support and maintain breast health.

The New Chapter Difference

In addition to vitamins and basic nutritional supplements, New Chapter also offers therapeutic supplements, including Bone Strength Take Care, with calcium from vegetable sources instead of crushed rocks, and Turmeric Force to help maintain a healthy inflammation response. Unlike many other nutritional supplement companies, New Chapter goes beyond using organic ingredients. All New Chapter supplements are made with whole food, not synthetic chemical isolates. New Chapter supplements are not extracts, and they're not fractionated anything - they are food, whole food, with all the benefits that whole foods brings to your health.

In addition, your body recognizes the gentle ingredients and components in New Chapter vitamins for what they are, healthy and nutritious whole foods. That's why New Chapter doesn't even refer to their vitamins and other products as nutritional supplements - they call them what they are: food supplements.

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