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Turn Over a New Chapter with Whole Food Supplements

Health supplements made from whole food sources could be the vanguard against many of the illnesses and conditions that accompany aging. A number of companies have taken on the challenge of creating dietary supplements that may help your body achieve and maintain the chemical balance needed for a healthy immune system and a vibrant life. Businesses like New Chapter, founded in the 1980s, develop nutriceuticals - nutrition based dietary supplements that are aimed at healing and prevention of disease.

New Chapter products like Zyflamend, Wholemega, Turmericforce and LifeShield Mushrooms differ from conventional vitamins and nutritional supplements because they are made with whole foods, not with fractionated compounds derived from natural sources. This approach to creating nutritional supplements more closely approximates the way our bodies are designed to take in vitamins and other nutrients. The New Chapter line includes daily vitamin supplements specifically formulated for men, women and children at different times of their lives, as well as nutritional supplements that contain nutrients that have been shown effective in promoting health and fighting disease.

New Chapter Whole Food Vitamins

The New Chapter organic vitamin line includes multivitamins made with whole food sources. They include Every Man vitamin softgels and Every Woman Vitamin capsules, for example, are designed to provide necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the proportions best suited to adult men and women. Perfect Prenatal vitamins include all the additional nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed by the expectant mother and her growing child. Because they're whole food vitamins, they don't need the extra buffers and inert ingredients you'll find in traditional vitamin supplements. Your body is designed to deal with whole food, so it will use whole food vitamins far more efficiently and effectively than it will use the chemical fractions found in most pharmaceutical supplements.

Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

Inflammation lies at the root of many conditions that cause pain and discomfort. Two of the most popular New Chapter product lines include well-known anti-inflammatory ingredients. Wholemega is a line of fish oil capsules made from 100% whole Alaskan salmon oil. Unlike many fish oil supplements which only focus on omega 3 fatty oils, Wholemega delivers pure, whole fish oil with the full complement of 17 omega fatty acids. In addition, the Wholemega line consists of several formulas that combine whole salmon fish oil with herbs to support various bodily systems. Wholemega Focus, for example, includes herbs that have been shown to support brain function, while Wholemega Cardio is blended with herbs that support cardiac and arterial health. The New Chapter Wholemega line also includes a fish oil supplement formulated for pregnant women and one to promote and maintain healthy joints.

In addition to the Wholemega line, New Chapter also makes Zyflamend, a combination of 10 herbs that have been used to promote health for thousands of years. No less an authority than the National Cancer Institute has noted that the extracts included in Zyflamend have been shown to anti-inflammatory benefits and may have anti-cancer and anti-tumor activity. Like Wholemega, the Zyflamend product line includes several formulations, including Zyflamend Breast, which promotes women's hormonal health, and Zyflamend Prostate, to promote healthy prostate function in men.

Whole food nutritional supplements may offer benefits that aren't available in conventional fractionated dietary supplements. New Chapter nutriceuticals are made with whole foods and cultured whole foods to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs.

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