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New Chapter Products Help You Achieve Optimal Health

Optimal health - what does it mean to you? Simply put, optimal health is defined as the highest health goals that you can realistically achieve. Your optimal health may not be the same as your wife's or your best friend's - and it will almost certainly not be the same as your optimal health a year from now. Achieving optimal health takes work and attention - but there are products and aids that can help you get there. New Chapter products are designed to help your body make the most of the nutrients you take in, and move you toward achieving your healthy goals, whether they be weight loss, physical strengthening or improving your immune system.

New Chapter supplements are a full range of nutritional supplements made from whole foods rather than chemicals formulated in a laboratory. The full product line includes vitamins and supplements designed for people at every stage of their lives, from Perfect Prenatal vitamins to Every Man vitamin and Every Woman vitamin created for adults. In addition to the New Chapter multivitamins, New Chapter offers a full line of whole food supplements to support your body nutritionally in many different ways. They include products such as Zyflamend, a formulation of 10 herbs with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, and Wholemega, a healthy, whole food alternative to fractionated fish oils sold as omega-3 supplements.

How New Chapter Products Are Different

New Chapter whole food vitamins and supplements are different from most other nutritional supplements and vitamins in one very major way: they're whole foods. Most companies that make vitamins and supplements use chemical synthesis to simulate natural vitamins or fractionate whole foods to pull out the specific components of those foods named on the label. Our bodies are not meant to take in fractions of foods - we eat whole foods and our bodies are designed to break those whole foods apart into their component parts and make use of them in many different ways.

And therein lies the difference. When you take in a whole food, your body gets all the nutrients contained in that food, not just the particular vitamin you're taking. This is vitally important because, frankly, scientists still do not understand all of the ways that our bodies metabolize food. Some of those "inert" parts of whole foods could be essential to helping the body absorb nutrients we know we need. We already know, for example, that our bodies need vitamin D to help it absorb calcium, and magnesium to prevent the negative effects of calcium. Why, then, would it be far-fetched to assume that our bodies do a better job of absorbing nutrients when they are part of whole foods than when they are isolates separated from the whole foods from which they are derived?

If you're ready to make the move to optimal health, not for today, not for tomorrow but starting today for the rest of your life, New Chapter products are the ideal support for your efforts. No matter what your needs are, New Chapter has the right whole food supplements to help boost your health to its highest possible level.

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