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The Elements of Mountain Yoga Yogi Training

Yoga is more than just another trendy fitness program. It is a centuries-old spiritual practice that includes training the body and the mind in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. While the various elements of yoga can be undertaken separately, the Mountain Yoga yogi method emphasizes the holistic approach of physical, mental and spiritual healing. Through meditation training, yoga meditation and classes with the Mountain Yogi, organizations like Mountain Yoga help students work toward enlightenment and fitness, mental, physical and spiritual. Understanding the meaning of words associated with yoga can help the student understand the principles and elements of Mountain Yoga yogi training.

Hatha Yoga

The most familiar form of yoga practiced in the West, Hatha Yoga concentrates on mental and physical fitness through the use of bodily postures, called asanas, and breathing techniques, known as pranayama, and yoga meditation, known as dyana. Through practicing Hatha Yoga, the student can achieve balance, both literally and figuratively. Modern medicine promotes Hatha Yoga as a way to help people reduce stress-related problems, including high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Among other things, the practice of asana and pranayama seem to help alleviate pain, promote fitness and increase balance. People who have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, diabetes, backaches, menopause and multiple sclerosis often benefit from the practice of hatha yoga. The gentle stretching and breathing exercises help promote physical health, while the mental discipline helps clarify the mind and improve personal attitudes.


An asana is a specific body pose that helps balance the body and promote the flow of energy through it. There are more than 200 recognized asana positions in Hatha yoga. Achieving the various asanas are only one part of the practice of yoga.


Breath control is essential to the practice of Mountain yoga. Proper breath control improves circulation and promotes better dissemination of oxygen throughout all the organs. On a spiritual level, the practice of breath control helps focus the mind and acts as a bridge between the physical practice and the higher practices of meditation.

Mudras, Mantras and Tantra

Tantra is a deeper exploration of the spirituality in yoga. The rituals, gestures (mudra) and syllables (mantra) help focus the mind and spirit to awaken kundalini energy and draw on prana - the energy of the universe - to attain goals.

Kriya Yoga Training

Kriya yoga is, essentially, applied yoga therapy - yoga meditation and practice meant to achieve a specific result. The Mountain yoga yogi believes that Kriya yoga is a method that acts directly upon the Kundalini to bring about more rapid enlightenment.

Karma Yoga and SEVA

Service to the universe is a key element in the complete practice of yoga. Karma yoga and SEVA are two related parts of that service. Karma yoga refers to practicing conscious awareness in everyday actions and recognizing that every action you take has consequences. SEVA is the practice of selfless service, often through volunteerism.

Mountain Yoga yogi training and other yoga training facilities sometimes offer the opportunity for SEVA as part of yoga training. If you're looking for more information on how yoga can be transformational in your life, contact a yogi or yoga training facility in your area.

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