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Feeling Out of Shape? Learn About Ideal Fitness for Men

Many men want to have an ideal body. If you're one of them, you need to understand the difference between losing weight and losing muscle. While you may lose weight through a typical calorie-counting diet, you will also lose muscle. And you are likely to gain the weight back. If you do not increase muscle mass as you diet and exercise, you will not keep the weight off.

Defined Pecs and Rock-Hard Abs

But there is away to rid your body of flab and fat that leaves you with defined pecs and rock-hard abs. You do not have to spend hours on the treadmill or in the gym every day and you do not have to starve yourself. You can have a perfect male body without the unattractive overdeveloped muscles that make men look like they are on steroids.

Cardio and Nutrition

Sure, the treadmill is a good cardio exercise, but there are other, faster ways to trim down and get a cardio workout. And sure, diet is important, but a weight-loss diet is not necessarily the best diet for bodybuilding. Nutritional supplements may be the answer for winning on your weight-loss goals.


Motivation is another important part of a weight loss and muscle building program. When you know the secrets of keeping yourself motivated, you will never find yourself quitting your workout program again. Knowing how to stay motivated will also help you overcome plateaus that threaten to stall your progress toward a great body.

The Human Body

Understanding the human body will also help you reach your body image goals. "Pecs" is shorthand for the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles, which are located in the chest. The pectoralis major muscle is thick and fan shaped, and makes up most of the chest muscle in the male body. The pectoralis minor muscle is a thin triangular muscle that is located under the pectoralis major. Together, the pectoralis major muscle and pectoralis minor muscle make up the "pecs."

The abdominal muscles, or "abs," support the trunk of the body, help with breathing, and protect the inner organs. The rectus abdominus muscle, the abdominal muscle closest to the outside of the body, is the muscle that you can develop into the "six-pack" look. There are many different exercises you can do to strengthen the abs and keep them flexible; various crunches are among the most well known of these exercises.

Most people take the word "fat" for granted, but what is fat really? Officially called adipose tissue, body fat (not weight) is what determines whether a person is obese or not. Body fat is found in many parts of the body, including under the skin, surrounding internal organs, and in breast tissue.

It's Up to You

Don't make the mistakes many people make when they decide to lose weight and build up their muscles. Find the ideal fitness system for you, the one that will help you build a perfect male body. It's your life, don't settle for anything less.

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