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Healthy Blood Pressure Naturally: 5 Simple Steps

Hypertension typically has no symptoms but yet having high blood pressure boosts the risks of stroke and heart attack tremendously. Whether you already take medications for high blood pressure or you're seeking ways to manage blood pressure, here are five ways to reduce high blood pressure naturally.

1. Lose Weight

Sounds simple, but if you're overweight and have high blood pressure due to your weight, then losing weight can help you achieve healthy blood pressure naturally. Being overweight puts strain on your heart and oftentimes means you are eating too much of unhealthy foods. Try reducing food intake and drinking plenty of water. Walk 30 minutes to an hour each day, and watch your blood pressure numbers decrease in a hurry!

2. Eat Blood Pressure-Friendly Foods

Try to consume foods that are naturally good for blood pressure, and reduce salt intake. Read food labels (especially for frozen dinners) for sodium content. Also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Use garlic and/or sea salt for seasoning instead of regular salt. Increase fiber intake as well as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

3. Natural Herb Supplements

Use herb supplements such as Holistrol as a natural remedy for healthy blood pressure. These help to improve blood flow and heart function as well as repair any muscle damage to the heart. Herbs can also help with mood swings and keep your blood pressure at a healthy level on a daily basis. By taking herbs for healthy blood pressure, you'll avoid the common side effects of blood pressure medications.

4. Reduce Stress

Find ways to relax and reduce stress every day. Take a walk around the block. Read a book each evening. Soak in a warm bath by candlelight before bedtime. Play outdoors with your kids or play a family board game. Enroll in a support group or fun club...something to get you out of the house and around others like yourself! Learn to breathe; take deep, slow breaths when you feel stress coming on.

5. Get Quality Sleep

A lack of quality sleep each night can rob you of your health. Sleep deprivation can also cause elevated blood pressure. You need adequate sleep each night, at least seven or eight hours. Try to go to bed at the same time each night, and take measures to relax and reduce stress before bedtime. If you snore loudly and feel very tired each day (even after sleeping all night), then you should speak with your doctor about being tested for sleep apnea. This is a very serious sleep disorder that can lead to many health problems if left untreated.

In many cases, natural remedies can provide blood pressure support just as well or better than most prescription medications. Speak with your doctor about trying to achieve healthy blood pressure naturally. Even if you're on medications to lower blood pressure, you can still try the methods above and then try a trial period with no medication to find out the results.

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