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Save Money with Free Prescription Cards for the Whole Family

While there are strong differences of opinion about how to address the health care crisis in America, few would argue that a problem exists. Are you one of the 50 million Americans who have no health insurance? Or, perhaps you are one of the millions of Americans who have health insurance (probably through your work) but no prescription benefit. Well, worry no more! Free prescription drug cards let you save up to 75% on your prescription medications at over 56,000 locations across the country.

Sounds too good to be true, but it is true. All you have to do to qualify for a free prescription drug card is go online, fill out a form, and print out a card. Then take your card to a participating pharmacy and get an incredibly low price on your meds. A prescription for the popular antidepressant Zoloft, for example, that usually sells for $110 is less than $80 with a card, a saving of over 40%. Fluoxetine that usually sells for $90 is $12 with a card, an incredible saving of 86%!

Once you use your card at the pharmacy your information is stored in a computer; the pharmacy can pull it up whenever you come in with a prescription. You can print a card for each member of your family. If you change pharmacies all you have to do is bring your card with you the first time you use the new pharmacy.

Even if you have prescription benefits the price you get with a free prescription card may be lower than your co-pay. Just ask the pharmacist to compare the co-pay and the free Rx card benefit before you pay for your medications. Your card is good for brand and generic drugs. There are no age restrictions, employment or unemployment status doesn't matter, and anyone can use these programs, even if they are not U.S. citizens. The only limitation is that you must use a pharmacy in the U.S. that participates in the program or its mail order department. Most large U.S. retailers participate in free prescription programs.

Organizations and employers can use free Rx cards for their members and employees. Doctors and hospitals recommend free prescription programs for patients who would not be able to follow through on their health care treatments without these benefits. These free benefits are particularly valuable for people who are at risk for health complications but have to choose between medications for themselves and food for their families.

Free prescription benefits have been so helpful to so many people, programs are now expanding to include savings on diagnostic tests. Cardholders save 40 to 70% on tests such as cholesterol, lipid panels, glucose tests, x-rays, MRIs, urinalysis, and others. For example, a MRI that costs $1,536 retail costs $695 with a card, a savings of 54%. For a complete urinalysis your price drops 56% with a free Rx card, from $50 to $22. (These prices are examples only and may vary.)

While President Obama and the U.S. Congress struggle to agree on a health care reform package for the American people, free prescription programs can make needed medications affordable and available. You no longer have to choose between food and medicine.

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