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Enhance the Experience with Electronic Cigarettes and Accessories

Electronic cigarettes have fairly recently emerged as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco-based cigarettes. If you haven't heard of them, ecigarettes, also called smokeless cigarettes, esmokes or ecigs, consist of a battery operated vaporizer and a cartridge that contains a liquid, usually nicotine in a water base. They're designed to replace the sensation of smoking a cigarette without the deadly tars, carbon monoxide and about 4,000 other chemicals that have been identified in cigarette smoke. Most users use ecigarettes to replace a smoking habit, and choose electronic cigarettes with nicotine in them, but there are many esmoke brands that offer nicotine-free versions as well.

Because electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke, secondhand or otherwise, they're usually acceptable in many settings that don't allow cigarette smoking. That makes them an ideal choice for adults who smoke, but can't, for example, light up after a meal in a restaurant or enjoy a cigarette when they're staying at a hotel away from home. In addition to the ecigarettes themselves, though, the electronic cigarette craze has spawned an entire range of ecig accessories designed to help you style your ecigarettes and customize your use of esmokes.

A Style for Everyone

While many smokers especially appreciate an electronic cigarette that looks and feels like the "real thing," more and more ecig users are coming to enjoy "vaping" - smoking an electronic cigarette - as an experience of its own. Those users might choose an electronic cigarette brand that features a distinctive design rather than one that mimics the typical white tube with a brown filter tip. Much like cigarette smokers used to style their cigarettes with elegant cigarette holders, ecig users might choose a stylish black electronic cigarette holder with a silver band, or one that features different colored ecig cartridges.

Carrying Cases and Other Accessories

Cases are among the most popular accessories for electronic cigarettes. Unlike regular cigarettes, where you smoke a cigarette and it's consumed, you don't need to carry an entire pack of ecigs with you. However, many people like to carry one or two ecigarettes, a charger and a spare cartridge or two with them. Carrying cases for ecigarettes are designed specifically to hold the esmoke brands for which they are made, and often include space for a USB charger or a battery charger, and compartments for two or three replacement cartridges.

Battery Chargers

Electronic cigarettes operate on a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Most manufacturers supply several different types of battery chargers for their ecigarettes, including standard battery chargers, USB battery chargers and travel battery chargers that plug into the car cigarette lighter. The more expensive electronic cigarettes are especially simple to recharge - you usually just have to unscrew the mouthpiece from the battery holder and screw in the battery charger.

Ecig Starter Kits

If you're new to using electronic cigarettes, most manufacturers bundle the ecigarette with several varieties of cartridges, a battery charger, instructions and any other important accessories, and sell them as ecig starter kits. Some manufacturers sell several levels of starter kits, from basic to deluxe.

If you're not sure which esmoke brand will appeal to you most, check out the reviews on a website that provides ecigarette brands reviews to learn about what makes each type and brand of electronic cigarettes different from the others.

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