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Are Natural Cures the Answer to Ebola?

The news is covered with stories about the death toll that the Ebola virus has enacted on the world. And now that it's entered the United States, many people are wondering what they should do to protect themselves, and whether or not the CDC even understands how this disease spreads. We were first told that it isn't airborne, but the latest reports have people questioning whether that's true. It's clear that the traditional medical industry does not have a cure for Ebola, and what's worse, they won't even consider the possibly that the answer could lie in alternative treatments. To make matters worse, the drug that the FDA approved for Ebola is called ZMapp, and it has a 40 percent fatality rate. Although no one can say for sure that any treatment will cure Ebola, we do know that some natural cures have compounds that may be effective against the Ebola virus. Here are some of them.

Your Immune System

Of the 50 percent of those people who survived the Ebola virus after coming into contact with it, it was their immune system that saved them. That's why it's important that right now, you do everything you can to bolter yours. Your immune system is largely affected by your gut health, and one of the best ways to build that to a healthy state is with fermented foods. Consume sauerkraut, kefir and other fermented foods everyday to keep your gut—and by extension your immune system—as healthy as you can. But don't think you can buy the processed fermented foods in a grocery store and get the same benefits. In order to get all of the probiotics you need, you'll either have to make your own or turn to a supplement.

Colloidal Silver

Collodal silver, also known as nano silver has been in the news since the Ebola outbreak began. Numerous studies have shown that it is a powerful anti-viral agent, and some prominent natural medicine experts are predicting that this substance may be an effective weapon in the fight against Ebola.


Even the mainstream medical experts concede that garlic has some serious virus killing abilities. Many studies have been done showing that when viruses are exposed to the substance, they are killed on contact. And while adding garlic to your cooked meals is great, if you want to get the best results, you should eat it raw. Also, it's important to realize that garlic should be peeled and either crushed or cut 15 minutes before you eat it in order to release the powerful anti-virus agents in it.

Vitamin C

There's a reason that all of the well respected alternative treatment clinics use vitamin C in their treatment of patients with diseases. It's a powerhouse that can help cure a multitude of diseases, including cancer. But you can't just pop a vitamin C supplement and expect to get those results. Instead, you'll need to get your dosage from raw foods. Start your day with the juice from a lemon in lukewarm water. Save the peel and cut it in thin slices, and when it's dried out, grind it up and add it to foods. The peel will lose its valuable nutrients if it's heated, so be sure to use it in cold foods such as smoothes and juices. If you want it in supplement form, Camu Camu has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C in the world. You can buy it in power or capsule form.

Remember, no one has a cure for the Ebola virus but there are steps you can take to build up your immune system and put nutrients in your body that are known for fighting viruses.

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