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Diet Coaching Helps You Lose Weight without Starvation

Losing weight isn't easy when high calorie foods are seemingly everywhere. From cakes in the office break room to the convenience of drive-up fast food, temptation surrounds us these days. It does take will power to pass up goodies and make healthier choices, but you need support and encouragement as well. Changing eating habits and allowing our bodies to tell us which nutritional choices we should make for good health takes time. But with the right support it can be done, and the result is losing excess pounds and keeping them off.

Sugar Addiction and Obesity

Everyone has read the startling statistics on obesity in western nations today. Even young children are struggling with significant excess weight and the problems that go along with it like type 2 diabetes. The fact is, many people are addicted to sugar. Foods sweetened with cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup are readily available and inexpensive. And yes, they taste good. But the price people pay is sugar addiction, wild swings in blood sugar levels, and weight gain. Breaking addiction to sugars and simple carbohydrates is one of the most important things you can do to lose weight permanently.

Breaking Addiction with Supportive Coaching

As with any addiction, breaking an addiction to sugar relies on discipline and supportive encouragement. It's not easy when a friend or family member offers you a tempting dessert or snack and is offended when you turn them down. But your health depends on your tackling your addiction to sugar, and with the right support from a professional diet coach, you can learn how to deal with such situations so that your weight loss goals are not undermined by others. People who conquer addictions do so with hard work and with the support of others who understand addiction. Addiction to carbohydrate-laden foods is no different.

The Role of Coaching in Weight Loss

Diet coaching creates permanent weight loss when it's done by professionals who have a commitment to helping clients lose pounds and keep them off. Having someone who is on your side and who you can count on to tell you the truth makes an enormous difference when it comes to losing weight. It's all too easy for well-meaning friends and family members to enable poor eating habits. That's why having a diet coach who is on your side makes such a difference. Learning what triggers your overindulgence in high-calorie, sugary foods is one of the important steps in overcoming this addiction, and this is easier to do with the proper support.

Lose Weight for Good

Just about anyone can lose weight, but keeping weight off requires more of a commitment. Developing a sensible eating plan, avoiding starvation diets, and knowing you can count on the support and coaching you need are essential to losing weight sensibly and keeping your weight in the healthy range. The rewards are well worth the effort, so don't give up, even if diets have failed you before. You'll look great, have more energy, and can look forward to a longer, healthier life.

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