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Bed Rails for Elderly Patients Help Keep Them Safe

As parents and relatives age, they sometimes require safety equipment to prevent injuries and provide additional support and assistance for their daily living activities. Bed rails for elderly parents and other patients provide a number of safety and assistance benefits. If you're caring for an older adult in your home, consider these benefits of using adult bed rails to help keep your loved one safe and aid them in a number of different ways.

Fall Prevention

One of the primary purposes of adult bed rails is fall prevention. Older adults are more likely to fall out of bed than they used to be, and the consequences can be far more severe for seniors than they are for younger adults. Frail bones break more easily and take much longer to heal. Adults who require mobility aids to get around or to get up may fall out of bed and find themselves unable to get back up. If they live alone or if caretakers are asleep, they could lay on the floor for hours before anyone finds them. Those hours can trigger numerous serious health problems and conditions, including those related to circulation and respiration. Bed support rails are a safe way to prevent falling.

Aid in Repositioning and Turning in Bed

Adults with limited mobility sometimes find it difficult to reposition their bodies when they're lying down in bed. Because it's difficult to turn and shift positions, they sometimes lie in the same position for hours on end. This can be uncomfortable and interrupt sleep frequently with limbs falling asleep or joints aching. Worse, the forced immobility can contribute to pressure sores, which can be a serious danger to older adults. Properly installed adult bed rails provide leverage to help older adults turn over in bed or change their positions during the night, reducing the likelihood of pressure sores and other consequences of lying in the same position for extended periods of time.

Provide a Handhold for Balance and Support When Getting Out of Bed

Older adults may also find it difficult to get up out of bed without some sort of assistance and support. The sides of a bed are generally too soft to provide any sort of leverage for pushing up out of bed. The right bed rails can provide a handhold to assist older adults when they're trying to stand up from the edge of a bed. Bed support rails can also provide additional stability and balance and prevent falling if the individual becomes dizzy upon standing.

Provide Comfort and Reassurance

While some older adults express feelings of confinement when their beds are fitted with bed rails, many more find the presence of the protective bed rails for elderly patients to be reassuring. The presence of the protective railings provides a feeling of safety and can provide self-sufficiency by making it easier for them to get in and out of bed safely without assistance from a caretaker.

In addition to safety considerations, some bed rails for elderly adults also include storage pockets that keep necessities, such as the bed control, remote control for the television and personal care items close at hand.
If you are caring for an elderly parent or other person, consider the benefits of installing bed rails for elderly safety and convenience. There are many models of adult bed rails available that can make life easier, safer and more convenient.

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